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Want to know more about Anti-fatigue Floor Mats
Ease the stress of long-time standing with an anti-fatigue floor mat that cushions your feet and thus puts less strain on your back. It's an essential item for the workplace, as well as for any household task that doesn't allow for a lot of sitting down. Available in assorted sizes to fit under desks and at doorways and counters, it's comfortable for all manners of footwear to rest on.

Anti-fatigue floor mats take the pressure off of standing

Work responsibilities that require standing can be tiring, even if shifts are only for a couple of hours at a time. Placing comfort floor mats under the feet helps relieve tension, which in turn improves focus and productivity. In addition to offices and reception areas, people can use them in a variety of professional settings, including health care facilities, restaurant kitchens, warehouses, and laboratories. Most are stain resistant, with some models also being antimicrobial and chemical resistant.

They are an ergonomic solution, whether a company uses sit-to-stand desks or people move from one workstation to the next. The beveled edging and nonslip bottoms of many mats meet ADA compliance, as well as OSHA and NFSI approval, so check for those labels based on your business's needs.

Use comfort floor mats for households tasks

Standing floor mats work well for homes, as well as offices. Common sizes include 32" (l) x 20" (w), 48" (l) x 20" (w), and 72" (l) x 48" (w), and additional sizes include 60" (l) x 36" (w) and 60" (l) x 48" (w). The wide selection of dimensions makes it convenient for several rooms and workspaces. Surface material is typically 100 percent nitrile rubber or polyurethane fabric encasing 3/8 to 1/2-inch foam, with or without gel added for additional softness. Some are versatile between dry and wet elements, so you can set them in bathrooms. Even placed near task chairs, comfort mats provide relief by lessening foot stress while in a sitting position.

Look for these standing floor mat brand names

Popular names associated with foam and gel-infused anti-fatigue mats include the following:

  • The Anderson Company
  • Notrax®
  • Crown
  • GelPro®
  • InMovement

Outfit work areas with anti-fatigue floor mats and other necessities

Make time more efficient with items that complement comfort floor mats and alleviate shift duties. Place gel wrist rests and desk calendars on standing desks, along with letter trays and accessory organizers. Further, simplify storage and access to important documents with file cabinets, wall-mount pockets, and hanging files.

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