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Enjoy easy clean-up and encourage young artists to create colorful drawings and sketches with washable markers. Choose from a variety of different sizes and colors that are ready-to-use and require no preparation. Crayola® markers are environmentally friendly and are completely safe for use by children ages four and up.

Crayola markers make art fun

Washable markers let children express themselves through colorful pictures and drawings. Large classroom art packs ensure every child has access to color choices, while single packs let kids keep the colors at their desk for use anytime, or allow individuals to take home colors for homework needs. Choose scented markers for increased fun, and choose shorter markers for ease of use with smaller hands. Storage boxes and cases for markers keep colors organized and easily accessible.

For game time, choose bold dot markers that work well when marking cards during bingo, or when creating dot art pictures or dot-to-dot drawings. Dry erase markers and boards save paper and work well when teaching lessons on the classroom board. In contrast, permanent markers let teachers label items for classroom use or provide a useful method to label children's belongings.

Markers teach drawing techniques

Because markers come in several different sizes and styles, such as calligraphy markers, they teach various drawing techniques for art students and children in primary grades. Thick and bold markers create shadows and make it possible to fill in large areas quickly. Thin markers work well for detailed drawings, underlining, and when writing small text on a page. Thin markers also work well when using stencils. The wide range of colors teaches kids how to blend hues together to form new colors, and helps students visualize what colors look good together and what colors are contrasting. As an alternative to messy paints and brushes, paint markers let children work on canvas and other mediums.

Washable markers provide a number of benefits

There are many good reasons to use washable markers both in the classroom and at home including:

  • School markers bring brilliant color to standard drawings and provide hours of coloring fun
  • Quality materials, non-toxic inks, and ease-of-use make Crayola markers a huge part of any school supply list
  • Environmentally-friendly design is safe to use
  • Wash off the skin and most clothing with soap and water
  • Versatile tips draw both thin and thick lines
  • Smooth exterior is easy-to-grip
  • Available in an array of true-to-life colors for creative expression
  • Secure caps keep ink fresh

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