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Tackle office organization and data archiving projects with bankers boxes and other storage solutions. Generously-sized boxes offer plenty of room for medical files, accounting documents, textbooks, and instruction manuals. Easy-to-assemble file boxes come together without special tools so you can quickly prepare for office moves, end-of-year reorganization, and large-scale recycling tasks.

Bankers boxes simplify file archiving tasks

Get back to your daily tasks in a matter of minutes with the help of bankers boxes and office storage essentials. Top-quality boxes hold an endless combination of hanging file folders, bank books, tax documents, and archived meeting notes. File boxes work well for long-term storage or as temporary storage for paperwork during department moves and building renovations. Simplify future file location efforts by affixing color-coded labels to the lids and box sides or write details directly on the box with a permanent marker.

Durable file box construction ensures reliable, long-lasting performance

With their reinforced corrugated cardboard construction, bankers boxes stack several units high, saving you valuable storage space while keeping contents safe and dry. Tear-resistant handles and reinforced box walls ensure long-lasting durability so that you can relocate boxes and transfer materials from filing cabinets multiple times. Lift-off box lids make it easy to take a quick peek at box contents, while ones with tie closures offer extra security during transport. Basic duty boxes offer up to 500 pounds of stacking strength, while standard and heavy-duty boxes handle up to 650 pounds worth of file folders, binders, receipts, and product manuals.

Choose from a variety of archive boxes for all your storage needs

Make sure your business is ready for relocation, year-end archiving tasks, and tax audits by keeping plenty of extra storage receptacles and office supplies around. In addition to standard filing boxes, you’ll find a variety of products that make organization projects smooth, streamlined, and stress-free.

  • Binder Storage Boxes – enhanced construction securely holds fully-loaded binders of various sizes
  • Legal-Size Archival Storage – wider boxes support standard and legal-size folders and documents
  • Divider Boxes – corrugated dividers let you easily organize documents by year, location, or department
  • Maximum-Duty Boxes – premium-quality materials provide up to 850 pounds of stacking strength
  • Cube Box Shells – reinforced wire frames reliably support multiple boxes with improved accessibility

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