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Blood Pressure Cuffs Accommodate Infants to Large Adults

Choose blood pressure cuffs to accommodate infants, or small to large adult patients who visit your medical practice, clinic or office. These latex and non-latex model cuffs provide patients with choices that are comfortable and hypoallergenic. Manufacturers such as Riester, Medline, Briggs Healthcare and Omron offer products with a history of reliability. Style choices include automatic and two-tube bladder cuffs in colors such as black, blue, white and gray.

Two-Bladder Nylon Cuffs Offer Large Adults a Comfortable Fit

Two-bladder blood pressure cuffs provide a comfortable fit for large adults undergoing blood pressure testing. These lightweight cuffs combine measurement accuracy and value. Calibrated nylon cuffs made to fit the thigh produce instant pressure readings.

Automatic Blood Pressure Cuffs Fit Small Adults

Provide a comfortable fit to small adults by using these automatic blood pressure cuffs. The proper fit allows the medical professionals in your clinic to obtain fast and accurate readings.

Disposable Neonatal Blood Pressure Cuffs Reduce Infection Risk

These blood pressure cuffs for newborn babies are disposable, reducing the risk of infection. The white single-use cuffs fit small infants, making them perfect for your neonatal practice.

Single-Tube PVC Inflation Bags and Range Finder Cuffs Fit Infants

These single-tube inflation bags and range finder cuffs for infants are an excellent choice for your pediatric practice. Manufacturers make the inflation bags with PVC and the cuffs are nylon, which gives the equipment durability. They are latex-free, which eliminates allergic reactions, and reusable, which saves money for the clinic or practice. This equipment is compatible with your existing mobile or manual wall sphygmomanometer.

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