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Soft and strong Bounty® napkins come in stylish designs that contribute to an enjoyable dining experience. They're available in packs of various dimensions for homes, businesses, and events of different sizes. Bounty paper napkins are highly absorbent to effectively deal with accidental spills at the dining table.

Tough and plush Bounty napkins

Bounty paper napkins are tough so they can deal with messes and spills during luncheons and banquets without tearing. Their strong, grippy material feels soft to the touch for more comfort when wiping hands or the face. Quilted paper napkins add a luxurious feel and some options feature decorative patterns to add an upscale feel to the table. Basic napkins are white and create a neat impression when laying tables for corporate luncheons, parties, and other special events.

Like Tork® napkins, Bounty napkins come in a variety of exquisite prints, and some have details that increase their absorbency so guests or staff can handle messes quickly. The one-ply layer of paper is so strong that one napkin can last the whole meal because it remains in one usable piece, even after absorbing liquid.

Bounty paper napkins for barbecues and parties

Packs of paper napkins are easy to open and distribute. Boxes and packets come in various sizes such as:

  • Packs of 100 for homes, birthday parties, and other small events
  • Packs of 200 for offices, wedding receptions, and kitchens
  • Boxes of 400 ideal for large luncheons, restaurants, and businesses

Keeping bulk napkins in break rooms is convenient because it allows staff to enjoy their snacks and lunches comfortably, and supplies last longer before the need to reorder arises.

Bounty napkins come from sustainable paper sources

Raw materials such as paper and fiber for these disposable napkins come for sustainable and fast-growing sources. The paper is also compatible with various compost systems for safe disposal to keep the environment clean. Many of these paper napkins come in convenient 12-inch squares for effective cleaning and their strong, embossed surfaces improve their cleaning capability.

Bounty napkins are gluten-free for safe use by people allergic to gluten. The paper also goes through chlorine-free processing, which is friendlier to the environment since it minimizes the emission of pollutants. Find other brands of kitchen supplies along with Bounty, such as Vanity Fair® napkins at Quill.

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