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Want to know more about Breakroom Tables

Need to get your company breakroom organized? Lots of things to think about, but first, you need one or several comfortable breakroom tables that people are going to sit at. You’re in luck because we've curated a selection that makes it easy for you: square, round, tall or small, wood or laminates, chances are you'll have decided on a model in no time.

Let's keep things organized!

A breakroom is a fun place to organize and decorate because it's where people are supposed to relax and take a bit of time off during their workday. Big or small, breakrooms generally have the same characteristics and are basically made up of the same components.

The central piece—or focus—of the room is where people sit, so we naturally feel that the first thing you're going to want to take a look at is the breakroom table. Fortunately, we have a very inspiring assortment of breakroom tables to show you and cordially invite to scroll down to find the one that suits the purpose for your organization.

Choices, choices, choices

Depending on the available space and the number of people who are going to be there in any given time, you'll go for smaller or larger size tables. Choose between practical square tables or warm and friendly round ones. You'll also have to choose between small or tall. It's a fact that bar-height tables have become really common in the workplace, and not just in the breakroom but also in meeting rooms and other work areas. Very on-trend.

Again, depending on the type of crowd you're entertaining on a daily basis, you'll go for stylish wood finishes, like the very attractive Regency 36-inch round breakroom tables, that come in mahogany, mocha walnut and cherry, or opt for tough and resilient laminates that are built to resist. By the way, laminates are a lot more stylish than they used to be!

What's next?

The obvious next question is "what are they going to sit on"? Yes, "chairs" is clearly a good answer, and we have tons of models that you can peruse and choose from. Of course, stools would've been a good answer too if you've got bar-height tables.

Then there are any number of neat additions you can bring to your room for function and decor: food and beverage carts, bulletin boards, clocks, lounge chairs, and you could consider having some folding tables on hand for those times when you have more guests than you usually do.

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