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There are two types of supplies to consider when making purchases for your office: products that need to be restocked regularly and products that don't.   For the latter items—computers, chairs and desks for example—infrequent purchases are the norm, thus you don't have to plan for the next purchase when you order them.

But for items that are re-stockable, planning ahead will save your business money while saving you time. Put simply, for these products, buying in bulk makes sense; Paper, Ink and Toner, Paper Towels, Bath Tissue, Coffee, Water, Pens and Sticky Notes.

Depending on the needs of your business, you can project with a fair amount of certainty how far into the future you'll be using these product.  In cases like bath tissue, unless a new technology is invented, there's no end in sight.  If you're workplace has ample storage space, buying in bulk gives you your best value while reducing the amount of orders you have to place in a year.