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Power through maintenance tasks with cleaning chemicals. They're ideal for light- and heavy-duty cleaning on a variety of surfaces. For busy areas such as restaurants, schools, and hotels, a regular supply of cleaning wipes helps maintain sanitary conditions. Look for those registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to ensure efficacy against common pathogens.

Choosing cleaning chemicals for various tasks

Different cleaning needs require the proper supplies for efficient and effective solutions. Available in powder and liquid forms, multipurpose cleaning chemicals work for daily applications around the house or in the office. They cut through grime to clear away dirt and residue from floors, sinks, and toilet bowl exteriors. Some formulations also contain mild abrasives for deep-penetrating scrubbing action against soap scum and tough stains. To freshen the air and remove unwanted odors, use sanitizers and deodorizers in plug-in, spray, or bottled options.

For food service locations such as commercial kitchens, opt for degreasers to dissolve oils, fats, and other lubricant-based fluids. Their nontoxic formulas ensure safe use on stove and oven tops, cookware, and barbecue grills. Stocking up on bulk cleaning wipes and paper towels also means there’s plenty on hand to tackle everyday messes in high-traffic areas like coffee shops, lobbies, and restrooms.

Maintain healthy spaces with cleaning wipes

Remove common allergens with disinfecting wipes. They feature clear-drying formulas that help inhibit microbial growth on high-touch hot spots such as faucet handles, doorknobs, and handrails. To avoid wastage, these pre-moistened sheets often come in convenient canisters for single dispensing. Scented options leave a pleasant fragrance, while antistatic unscented wipes make it easy to clean electronic equipment and media. Along with cleaning wipes, Quill also carries trash bags and trash cans to keep spaces neat, as well as promote good health at home or in workplaces. 

Achieve high cleaning performance with potent formulations

Cleaning solutions include components that work to remove undesirable foreign matter on different surfaces. Common ingredients found in cleaning chemicals include:

  • Surfactants: Loosen and remove particulates and oily soils for easy wiping
  • Builders: Assist in buffering, softening, and emulsifying processes for enhanced cleaning power
  • Bleaching agents: Break down stains into smaller units for quick removal
  • Preservatives: Protect cleaning products against oxidation, decay, and discoloration for longer service life

For easy and streak-free wipe-up, most glass cleaners also contain organic solvents to dissolve greasy soils leaving no residue. Read and follow label instructions for proper usage of cleaning chemicals.

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