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Clipboards keep paperwork organized on-the-go, while providing a reliable writing surface for active employees. Browse a variety of clipboard styles and sizes, including: plastic and metal clipboards, storage clipboards, legal-size clipboards and more. Buy clipboards in bulk to score the best deals, perfect for the offices, nurses, coaches and sales teams.

Clipboards for Portable Writing Convenience

Clipboards give your employees grab-and-go convenience when work takes them away from their stations. The secure clip keeps papers in order, and the hard backing lets staff take notes even when they aren't sitting at their desks. Opt for clipboards with storage compartments for even greater convenience.

Keep Employees Moving

Some employees have the luxury of working from one desk all day, while others take their jobs on the road. Employees who are always moving or who work away from a desk, such as in a warehouse, appreciate the convenience of clipboards. They keep papers in a neat stack, even when things get breezy, and they keep a sturdy writing surface available. Hardboard clipboards offer an affordable, no frills option for hard-working employees. Most clipboards have holes near the top, so shared documents are easy to access by hanging them on the wall.

Take the Office Along for the Ride

Clipboards with storage compartments built in give employees miniature desks that store the basic essentials. They can store extra papers inside, with the bonus of keeping the documents protected from rain or other weather elements when work duties take staff outdoors. The compartment works well for storing extra pens and any other tools, such as a calculator, paper clips or a ruler. A secure latch on the clipboard keeps those extras tucked inside until they are needed.

Color Code Your Office

If your office uses checklists or shared documents, attaching them to plastic clipboards is a simple way to keep track of them. Instead of going with identical clipboards, choose different colors for different checklists to create a color coding system for easy identification. If employees use clipboards for individual paperwork, issue each person a different color so they don't mix them up at meetings.

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