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Cold and flu medicine makes it easier to get through the day, making it a good idea to keep some handy in the workplace. Liquid cough medicine is easy to swallow and coats the throat to soothe rough and sensitive throats. Allergy medicine relieves many similar symptoms, but works specifically to counteract the body's histamine.

Different forms of cold and flu medicine

Medicine for colds and the flu largely takes the form of capsules, pills, or liquids. Liquid cough medicine coats and soothes scratchy throats, calming and controlling coughs. Liquid medications also offer the benefit of being easy to swallow, and may work more quickly by being rapidly absorbed by the body. Another option is chest rubs that give off soothing vapors to inhale while one sleeps. Consider the extensive line of health care supplies available from Quill for treatment of common illnesses.

The difference between colds and allergies

Knowing if symptoms are due to allergies or a cold is important for knowing which type of medication to take. The two ailments share many symptoms in common.

  • Sneezing
  • Itchy or stuffy nose
  • Sore throat and cough

Colds and the flu typically have a much faster onset than allergies, and are usually also accompanied by a fever or aches and pains. Most cold and flu medications contain pain relievers and fever reducers. While the flu may require a prescription treatment, most colds and allergies are easily treated with OTC pharmaceuticals and supplements.

Cold medicine for different age groups

To ensure safety, be certain to check the appropriate dosage for different age groups and weight before dispensing medication to children. Child and infant cold medicine is available in age-appropriate strengths to help relieve the symptoms of little ones.

Preventative measures

Unlike with cold medications, take allergy medicine beforehand to help prevent allergic reactions from occurring. There are also many supplements with large amounts of vitamin C and other nutrients that may help to strengthen the immune system, making it better able to ward off bacteria and viruses.

Stocking medications in the workplace

Keeping a stock of medical supplies handy in the workplace is a good and sensible practice. Many cold medicines and other medications designed for office use come in boxes with front openings for quick and easy dispensing.

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