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Want to know more about Art Portfolios & Craft Storage
Make the most of your space by organizing your supplies in craft storage. A craft storage box lets you store multiple items neatly and makes it easier to find what you need. Craft organizers hold small items like safety pins and beads to prevent loss. You can also opt for craft containers to hold completed works of art.

Types of craft storage boxes

There are multiple types of craft storage boxes to organize your space and your arts and craft supplies. Choose translucent craft storage boxes that make it easy to see what’s inside without opening the container. Those with hinged lids offer easy access while preventing spills. Choose tabletop scrapbook paper storage racks and mountable wall racks that hold art paper rolls, cardstock, fabric and felt neatly, or consider a portable storage case that makes it easy to take projects with you while traveling or to trade shows and other events.

Small baskets hold loose items on a desktop or bookshelf. Some fit conveniently inside a desk drawer to prevent products like craft paper punches from moving around. Craft containers on wheels move easily from one location in the room to another as needed and slide conveniently into a closet when not in use. Choose containers with durable handles for carrying convenience. Collapsible designs store flat in a closet when not in use and allow you to expand your collection as necessary.

Declutter your collection with craft storage

A clutter-free room makes it easier to concentrate on the task at hand and can also reduce injury from items laying in the way. Craft containers make it easier to inventory a collection and help you see at a glance what’s needed for the next project. Durable air-tight containers keep products like paint and glue fresh, and organization frees up space in your work area to provide more room for crafting.

Choosing from a variety of top brands

Purchase from popular manufacturers of craft storage products for uniformity. Durable materials, matching pieces, and colorful boxes let you show off your personality and help you feel inspired. Choose from these top brands.

  • ArtBin®
  • Ellison®
  • IRIS®
  • Advantus®
  • JAM Paper®
  • Crafter’s Companion®

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