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Crayola Dry Erase Markers

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Tap into creativity with Crayola® dry-erase markers. Use them to draw, write, and share colorful messages with sharp lines and illustrated details that stand out. Crayola washable dry-erase markers are suitable for a range of environments such as classrooms, at home, and in busy office spaces. Users can opt for Crayola bold color washable markers, or more subtle hues to fit any mood or season. Read More
Crayola Model Magic, 2 lbs., Assorted Colors (574415)

Crayola Model Magic, 2 lbs., Assorted Colors (574415)

Soft, pliable and lightweight for easy manipulation, and permanently air dries in 24 hours without kiln firing or baking
Safe and clean to work with, won't flake or crumble, and won't stick to or stain skin or most clothing
Dried pieces can be painted with tempera, acrylic, watercolors, markers, etc.
$37.99 Each When you buy 4+
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Item # 901-JV37984
Model # 574415
Crayola Model Magic Clay Value Pack

Binney & Smith Crayola® Model Magic Value Pack; White, 8 oz. Packages, 12/Ct

A soft, easy-to-use modeling material that lets you and your kids create colorful, keepable art
Air dries to a smooth, resilient finish
Easy to paint and decorate with markers, acrylic paints or watercolors once dry
$53.99 Carton
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Item # 901-CYO574418
Model # CYO574418

Crayola dry-erase markers are safe for the home, school, and office

Compared to other brands of assorted markers and erasable mediums, Crayola washable dry-erase markers feature a low-odor formula that’s safer for kids, and for use in enclosed work spaces. Durable writing tips ensure reliable performance through everyday tasks and heavy-duty use. The Visi-Max® stain- and ghost-resistant inks write smoothly, and offer easy clean-up from standard whiteboards and other non-porous erasable surfaces, plus they wash away from skin and clothing in case of creative mishaps.

Available in several colors to suit a variety of user preferences

Versatile Crayola dry-erase markers work well for business presentations, drawing chore charts, and for engaging students in immersive learning games. The full line of dry-erase markers come in a wide selection of colors that can help users call attention to important messages and emphasize key facts. Choose from the popular Crayola hues people know and love, or mix and match them with other types of dry-erase markers. Options include soft pastels, bold rainbow shades, and classic black. Stock up and save even more on bulk quantities of single-color packs, or assortments of frequently used choices such as red, green, and blue.

Choose from several Crayola dry-erase marker styles

Crayola dry-erase and washable markers come in several styles suitable for teachers, business professionals, and kids alike. Pair them up with other art and school markers to experience a full range of artistic freedom with vividly colored charts, graphs, and easy-to-read handwriting. Some marker options are:

  • Bullet tip: Smooth performance for handwriting and drawing crisp and thin lines
  • Fine line: Ideal for writing on small whiteboards, and travel-size erasable surfaces
  • Broad line: Durable chisel-tipped markers let users create bold lines and shapes
  • Marker and eraser sets: Dry-erase bundles provide users with the essential tools

Equip homes, classrooms, and offices with plenty of quality dry-erase markers, clean-up tools, and business supplies available from Quill.