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Cute notebooks are a fun way to show off personal style while at home, school, or even in a relaxed work environment. Choose from cute spiral notebooks with covers displaying adorable baby animals to tape-bound pretty notebooks covered in vibrant flower images. Or, take plain notepads and use office supplies to make them unique with simple DIY decorations.

Types of cute spiral notebooks

Cute spiral notebooks use wire or metal spine bindings. There are a couple types to choose from. Traditional spiral books have a single strip of curled plastic that winds through holes on the left-hand side of the notebook. Wire-bound styles use individual loops of metal wire in the holes. Both allow the notebook to lie flat and let the cover and pages flip completely over to the back. Long and narrow steno pads have this type of binding on the top edge, making the flip movement even quicker. Spiral notebooks come in many colors, and fun designs on the covers may include popular TV or movie characters. Popular brands that produce pretty notebooks include Martha Stewart and Cynthia Rowley.

Tape-bound cute notebooks

Composition notepads and journals often have tape binding. The pages are held together with one long strip of tape or paper and glue. The smooth binding looks elegant and doesn’t have any metal or plastic edges that might snag on clothes. The cover design often goes all round the spine, making it look like a work of art as well as a useful notepad. Choose colors that blend with office decor for a pulled-together look. There are plenty of professional-style notebooks, including those with embossed leatherette covers. Well-known brands of pretty notebooks include Moleskine® journals, Mead®, and Roaring Spring®.

DIY cute notebook ideas

While buying notepads from Quill, pick up a bunch of other items to decorate those plain notebooks. A few fun ideas include:

  • Decorate covers and pages with stickers of cute animals or favorite characters
  • Cover the notebook with colorful washi tape in interesting geometric designs
  • Use permanent markers and stencils to add pretty and cute images to notebook covers
  • Paint notebook covers with paint pens that work on plastic, cardboard, and even leather surfaces

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