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Desk pads, also known as desk blotters, protect wood desks from unwanted scratches or pen indentations. Choose from beautiful leather desk pads or minimalist clear desk pads for an understated look that compliments any desk.

Desk Pads to Protect Work Surfaces

Cover the work surfaces in your office with desk pads to extend their lives and keep them looking great. Pads keep your employees' things in place with anti-slip tops. Clear pads are perfect for slipping notes or pictures under to keep them visible and protected. Top every desk to give your employees more grip and more protection, whatever their job duties entail.

Make Work Desks Last Longer

Work desks take a beating with all of the report generation, note taking and nervous pen tapping that happen in the average work day. The more your employees put their noses to the grindstone, the more wear their desks show. While it's great to see the results of hard work, scratches, gouges and other rough spots on desktops aren't likely what you have in mind. Desk pads protect at least part of the work surface to prevent indentations from writing or scrapes from items sliding across the surface. Desks stay in their original condition longer, making the overall office look polished and professional when clients and the CEO make a stop.

Get Picky About Pad Materials

Do you prefer the classic look of leather or the modern, sleek look of black? Perhaps a clear desk pad is more your speed. clear desk pads let your employees place notes or family photos under the mat. The items stay safe but still remain visible. For the minimalist in the office, a clear version blends in with the existing desk finish for protection without being noticeable. Some pads come with a dark background covered by a clear panel that lifts to get the best of both worlds. If you opt for an opaque pad, choose between classic brown leather or colored options such as black or white to match your desk organizers. In addition to look, a pad's material affects its performance. Leather is durable, standing up to long-term use. Choose a PVC mat with anti-microbial properties to keep microorganisms from taking up residence on desktops. The pads are easy to wipe clean so dirt, grime and coffee spills don't stick around the office.

Take the Slip out of Work Surfaces

Computer monitor at the perfect angle, pen holder within reach, stapler just so - finding that perfect arrangement of desktop essentials takes time. A slippery work surface sends that perfect arrangement into chaos, shifting everything around. A desk pad prevents all that slipping and sliding so everything stays in its place. Now when your employees instinctively reach for a pen, stapler or keyboard, those items are right where they left them. Some pads have a raised edge so items close to the edge don't slide off the mat - no more scrambling to catch that rolling pen before it falls off the desk.