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Clamp Lamps Bring Light Where It Is Needed Most

As a busy admin, making decisions about ordering to ensure you have the essentials is part knowing your office and staff and part imagining what you might need. No matter how many overhead lights there are in your office, some corners and partitioned desks never get enough light. Keeping clamp lamps around the office helps bring light to these murky spaces. The lamps secure to any flat surface, which makes it convenient to move them around the office as needed.

Keep a Supply of Clamp Lamps in the Supply Closet

Even when your desk normally has plenty of light, there are times when you need more. Grab a Studio Designs clamp lamp to see the fine print on that important contract your boss wants you to read over so that you don't have to squint and can keep those laugh lines at bay a while longer. From sorting mail to writing checks, there is always a reason to add a little more light to what you're doing and avoid missing a detail.

The IT Department Can Benefit From Extra Lighting

Your office's computers and network run smoothly thanks to your IT department, but its server room sometimes seems foreboding with all the dark corners and shelves filled with electronics. Order a couple of clamp lamps to bring light to the furthest reaches of the department's work space. Putting a clamp lamp on the back shelf of the servers provides the extra light needed to plug in the right cords without pulling everything out of its space and turning it around. With a 40-inch reach, a Ledu clamp lamp helps your IT staff members see the fine details on a network diagram so that your computers continue operating smoothly.

Outside Sales Forces Need a Little Extra Light

When you send your sales team out on the road for a couple of days, send a clamp lamp or two with them. In hotel rooms, there is never enough light by the desk to read without squinting and moving the computer screen around trying to get more light. Additionally, your sales staff can whip out a lamp at any office that doesn't have a enough light and show that your company comes prepared. All the Rages products include a clamp lamp that is small enough to slide into a suitcase for busy staff on the road.

Keeping a Few Extra Clamp Lamps for Contractors

Place a couple of spare clamp lamps in the common areas of your office for the cleaning staff to use in the dusty corners of your office to make sure all the dust gets wiped off and crumbs sucked up by the vacuum. When the plumber arrives to work on the pipes in the bathroom, he'll appreciate substituting a hard-to-handle flashlight for a clamp lamp that allows him to see easily behinds drains and toilets.