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Give your employees a smart, effective option for patient pain-relief by stocking electrodes and TENs units at your facility. Electrodes are self-adhesive and reusable with a carbon backing for superior conductivity. Electrodes can be matched with TENs units to provide easy setting control through varying channels, wave forms and treatment modes.

TENS Electrodes Relieve Pain Through Electrical Currents

Chronic and acute pain are common reasons for patients to visit the doctor, and TENS electrodes are an effective way to reduce that pain on any area of the body. With reusable electrodes that adhere quickly to the skin, this treatment method is simple for your employees to learn and doesn't add much to your budget. Multiple electrode shapes and sizes make it easy to cover any part of the body and let your employees find the right option for each patient's condition.

Reduce Chronic and Acute Pain for Patients

Using electric current for nerve stimulation, TENS electrodes are able to provide relief to patients experiencing chronic or acute pain, whether it's due to an injury or rehabilitation from a surgery. By offering this kind of treatment option, your office improves patient satisfaction and is more likely to have repeat visitors, particularly those in need of pain relief. Employees can adjust the treatment and the intensity to the needs of the patient, using either steady electrical current or bursts to get the best results.

Cut Costs With Reusable Electrodes

Save money on supplies by opting for reusable electrodes. Ultima electrodes come with resealable pouches, so after each use your employees simply place the electrode back in the pouch, where it stays ready to go. If you prefer to have a fresh set of electrodes every time, you're still able to dispose of reusable electrodes just like any others.

Apply to Skin Quickly and Comfortably

When patients are dealing with any sort of pain, they're sure to appreciate treatments that don't take much movement or uncomfortable positioning to get started. Self-adhesive electrodes stick to the patient's skin right when they come into contact with it, and the ease of attaching these electrodes ensures that employees can devote all their attention to getting the electrodes positioned correctly. Flexible cloth backing prevents that feeling of getting poked whenever a patient moves a muscle, so your patients have a more comfortable experience. Removal is just as easy, as these electrodes peel off safely without any discomfort.

Choose From Circle, Square, Rectangle and Oval Electrodes

With four unique shapes and multiple sizes available, you can find electrodes that provide the best fit for your patients and the type of treatment your office provides. For smaller areas of the body where precision is required, small square and circle electrodes offer the best fit, while rectangle and oval electrodes work well for larger areas that need more overall stimulation.

Non-Invasive and Doesn't Cause Irritation

Since electrodes go on the skin, manufacturers are careful to avoid using materials that could cause irritation. Latex-free electrodes are available to accommodate patients with allergies. Since this treatment is non-invasive, patients can have it done without worrying about their recovery time.

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