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Want to know more about Eveready® LED Flashlights
Impact resistant Eveready® flashlights are ideal for use in wet or dry conditions. inside a home or facility, or outdoors. Choose dependable battery operated or rechargeable LED flashlights to provide hours of light during power outages. Store a heavy-duty flashlight in a truck or tool box for on the road, tough conditions.

Eveready flashlights as safety and planning tools

Make Eveready flashlights a staple in emergency planning, traveling, and medical kits to avoid unnecessary accidents due to blackouts or poorly lit areas. Use durable flashlights and lanterns to navigate during power outages. LED flashlights have bulbs that burn brighter and longer than standard incandescent bulbs, including some that can provide light for 100 plus hours. Flashlights are also ideal for camping trips to light up tents and vehicles, and to navigate the woods or campgrounds at night. Using heavy-duty flashlights made of non-conductive materials, whether standard or LED, keep you safe when checking electrical equipment in unlit areas.

LED flashlights are dependable light sources

There are several reasons to use LED flashlights, the most basic is the endurance of the lamp. LED bulbs use significantly less wattage to produce more light, making them energy efficient and causing them to last longer. About 95 percent of the energy used is converted to light. Other options available are rechargeable flashlights, which offer reliable lighting without frequent battery changes. Flashlights that come in battery operated or rechargeable options take many forms, including:

  • Standard
  • Compact size
  • Industrial power
  • Keychain varieties
  • Lantern
  • Spotlight
  • Wearable

Most flashlights feature impact resistant housings that protect plastic flashlights from casing cracks and bulb damage due to dropping the item. Metal encased flashlights are durable, but can be hard to hold in cold or wet weather. Eveready flashlights and batteries are an excellent combination for a clear bright light source when walking through dark areas outdoors or in poorly lit manufacturing areas. Quill stocks batteries, replacement bulbs, and flashlights from top brands in the industry to make finding a flashlight and replacement parts easy.

Adjustable head lights as wearable flashlights

LED head lights are popular with joggers, climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Individuals that work with small parts or compact places, like computer technicians and mechanics, also benefit from adjustable head lights. High-quality nylon straps offer wear resistant comfort. Since this type of flashlight is often used in outdoor sporting or exploring, the light casing features durable, waterproof material. Wearable flashlights also come in battery operated and rechargeable options for user convenience, and a variety of colors that offer a level of personalization.

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