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Gauges / Gages  (2 Products)
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Gauges measure magnitude or amount, such as steam pressure, capacity, ovality, trueness, the amount of liquid in a container, dimensions of a machined part, and more. Sheet metal gauges help to accurately determine the thickness of metal plates. Other common measuring instruments include pressure, depth, height, and feeler gauges. Read More
General® Tools Sheet Metal Gage, 3 1/4-inch

General® Tools Sheet Metal Gage, 3 1/4-inch

Material: Steel
Thickness: 3/32 in
Diameter: 3 1/4 in
$31.99 Each
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Item # 901-580686ORS
General® Feeler Gages

General® Feeler Gages

Material: Tempered Steel
Measuring system: Inch/Metric
Number of blades: 26
$14.99 Each
Item # 901-580687ORS
Want to know more about Gauges / Gages

Gauges for accurate readings

As opposed to transducers and sensors which rely on electronics to make measurements, gauges are direct reading instruments that provide data themselves. Just like tape measures, their readings are easy for users to comprehend. Some tools, such as fixed limit instruments, provide no reading, as they test the tolerance of parts. Instead, they provide simple “yes” or “no” answers about the nature of the materials. Staples® offers a variety of pressure, drill, metal, feeler, and more gauges for industrial and personal use.

Gauges for all industrial applications

Depending on their display, measuring and leveling tools are analog or digital. Analog gauges have points that show the readings while digital models come with LCD displays. There are different measuring instruments to fit all industrial applications.

  • Level gauge: A visual instrument that determines the amount of liquid in industrial tanks like boilers
  • Bore gauge: A metrology instrument that measures the internal diameters of machined cavities
  • Drill gauges: Are instruments used to measure the drill bit sizes of machined holes
  • Ring gauge: An inspection instrument that verifies a product’s feature compliance to lower and upper dimensional limits
  • Depth gauge: A metrology instrument used to measure the internal lengths of machined holes
  • Caliper: Instrument used to measure the external and internal sizes of an object
  • Feeler gauge: A set of thickened steel strips with thickness markings that measure the gap width between bearings and surfaces
  • Plug gauge: An inspection instrument used to verify the compliance of plain or threaded holes to lower and upper dimensional limits
  • Bridge gauge: Instrument used to measure the wear of an engine bearing - usually used with a feeler gauge
  • Poker gauge: Instrument used to measure a propeller’s wear down
  • Sheet metal gauges: Instrument used to measure the thickness of uncoated metal sheets

The right tools/MRO supplies ensure things run smoothly for optimal accuracy and efficiency. Therefore, use the right instrument for the job.

Choose durably built measuring instruments

Usually made of heavy-duty steel, gauges can withstand vigorous industrial activities. Their corrosion-resistant finishes don’t lose color over time. Some tools have easily available replacement gauges to ensure that they’re in optimal working condition for longer periods.