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Want to know more about File Sorters
File sorters let you keep multiple documents on hand for easy reference. They come in many different designs. These file organizers can be used in a variety of business settings. Desktop file sorters are handy for offices of any size, and their compact dimensions mean one or more sorters can be placed on desks or mail tables.

File sorters make your life easier

Every business has paperwork to track, and file organizers can make this task fast and simple. They provide a place to keep papers that's more convenient than a drawer or cabinet, but which still protects documents. A standard desktop file organizer has multiple open slots for holding manila folders. At their most basic, these units are useful for the usual workplace correspondence, for work that's "In", "To Be Done" or "Out," and as a storage place for mail awaiting courier pickup. They're designed to hold your essential documents, including HR records, tax forms, invoices, and more.

Types of file organizers

Ideal for coordinating among team members, wall file organizers install on doors, cubicle exteriors, or main walls. Multiple staff members can use them when  picking up and leaving documents, important notes, and sealed envelopes. Accordion-style desktop file sorters resemble large books and are the most portable type. You can take them with you when visiting clients or when performing accounting audits. Most of them come pre-tabbed for alphabetical filing. They expand when filled to hold what you need while only taking up the minimum amount of space.

Metal desktop file organizers typically have open designs. They're weighted at the base to stay in place while you work. Some models double as desk organizers and have space for storing notepads, sheets of paper, and other office essentials. Certain varieties of horizontal trays are stackable to allow you to add more storage space as needed.

How to optimize your file sorters

While the basic design of a file sorter is already very efficient, you can takes steps to improve it further:

  • Purchase loose file folders to store documents that you frequently transfer between holders
  • Get desktop file organizers in different colors for coding according to subject
  • Place file tabs on each segment to identify the contents of sections

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