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Put your feet up. You've earned it.

In your living room, a good footrest is a luxury for when you want to be a little more relaxed, but in the office it can be an ergonomic necessity. If your office chair is too tall for you to keep your legs at a comfortable angle, a footrest is essential to maintaining good posture and circulation throughout your work day.

Our collection of footrests covers a huge range of designs and materials, ranging from simple-but-sturdy plastic to a combination of plastic and memory foam. These footrests also come in several different aesthetic styles, making it easy to find something that complements your existing workplace aesthetic.

If you're looking for something with a truly elegant aesthetic, we also have an extensive collection of ottomans, and you can check out our range of accent chairs to add an extra layer of elegance to your work environment.

Focus on ergonomics

An ergonomically designed workspace is essential to staying productive and reducing your risk of repetitive strain injuries. Footrests are a simple and affordable way to improve your posture and circulation if you're not ready to spring for a new office chair or your desk is too tall for a shorter chair. That means any kind of footrest is an ergonomic piece by its very nature.

We've tailored our selection to serve people of all different heights. In fact, many of our footrests come with a high level of adjustability, making it easy for you to perform several different tasks without discomfort. Most of these models also feature a locking mechanism, allowing you to keep your rest at a fixed angle if you want to.

The other important ergonomic feature to look out for is non-slip traction. This is particularly important if you're working in socks or shoes with poor grip. After all, your feet constantly sliding off the footrest ruins your ability to maintain good posture and stay focused on your work.

Choice, reliability and free shipping

Since our founding in 1956, Quill has been built on the belief that part of your job is 100% ours, and we want to make it as close to 100% stress-free as any part of your work can be. To make this happen we work with top brands and manufacturers, ensuring that we have quality products for every budget. We also offer one of the most extensive office furniture catalogs in the world, so you can have all your workplace furniture needs met in one place.

We also understand that sometimes you don't know whether or not something will work for you until you've actually tried it, so we offer free online returns for up to 30 days on office furniture and up to 60 days on most other items. If you've ordered online, you usually won't even need your invoice number/order number.

Last but certainly not least, Quill knows how much of a hassle shipping online purchases can be, and we work tirelessly to streamline this process. Many of our items come with a "Quick Ship" option (ships within two business days or it's FREE), and all products over $45 come with free shipping and handling. Shipping carrier fees are waived on all orders.

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