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Opt for a GPS tracking device to support businesses in the transportation industry. There are several GPS tracker models available to fit the specific needs of drivers and companies that need to identify their vehicle locations while on the road. GPS navigation units are highly accurate and they feature current maps.

Useful GPS navigation systems

Choose a GPS tracking device that offers practical solutions for drivers on vacation, in work, or making deliveries. Get to any location fast with GPS navigation, an increasingly standard piece of consumer electronics used in today's global market. Browse GPS units, mounts, and stands with multiple specifications to improve handling, workflow, or to save time while traveling. Delivery companies and other transportation businesses can use GPS units to track their vehicle locations or timetable along a route. Choose GPS tablets that meet the needs of the job, with smaller screens providing easier handling, and larger screens offering increased visibility and logging functions.

Functions and features of GPS units

Some GPS navigation system models feature applications for document imaging and accounting. Others offer load board and fuel manager functions to increase vehicle performance. Many GPS tracker models have Bluetooth® technology for seamless connectivity, and an option for map updates. Map updates help keep delivery employees aware of changes to street routes and conditions, including detours and closed roadways. Additional navigation data included with many GPS navigation units provides alternate route recommendations, traffic situations, and vehicle restrictions. An important feature for large trucks is details regarding road width, bridge heights, and weight and load restrictions, enabling the driver to plot alternate routes, or to opt for a different truck. Expect to save time and money by reducing situations where a delivery location is unreachable as drivers can find alternate routes ahead of time.

Mounts and stands for every GPS car tracker

GPS mounts and stands present a convenient solution for placement of navigation units inside any vehicle. They have several essential functions and characteristics:

  • Flexible mounting to windshields and other flat surfaces
  • Adjustability for GPS units of various sizes
  • Enabling hands-free use while driving for safety
  • Durable nylon harnesses
  • Pliable silicone cases, which mold to a dashboard

Some GPS mounts and stands are compatible with several GPS models. Identify models that provide hands-free operation and clear visibility to avoid unsafe driving situations. Browse a wide range of mount options to find the right match.

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