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Want to know more about Holiday Fun Paper Letterhead
Using a holiday letterhead adds an element of excitement to any letters, invitations, or announcements. Send out season's greetings to family and friends using Christmas letterhead paper. During other holiday periods, keep in contact using a variety of letterhead and envelope pack designs.

Use holiday letterhead paper to celebrate festivities

Invite friends and family to holiday functions using Christmas letterhead paper. Designs with bright borders help send warm welcomes out to your nearest and dearest, or for those in the process of planning winter-themed weddings, use letterheads with snowy images to add an elegant touch to the wedding invitations. Impress everyone and achieve a put-together look by choosing from packs that allow you to match your letterhead and envelopes and print messages of season's greetings onto festive paper. For a more personal touch, choose from a range of Christmas cards in unique designs and hand write a message to wish friends a merry festive season. 

Festive letterheads in the workplace

Get employees excited for the holidays by using a business letterhead with a festive twist. Build up the excitement for the office party and print invites on special cheerful company letterhead paper, which is sure to get everybody talking. For more formal events, you may prefer to choose from a selection of more subtle designs for the company's invitations. Use paper with a Halloween print in October, or Christmas letterhead paper in the month of December, for weekly updates, bulletin messages, or newsletters to create a festive environment. 

Season's greetings made easy

Encourage company colleagues, customers, and personal acquaintances to enjoy the holidays by using standout festive writing paper. Choose from a variety of styles to suit your needs:

  • Holiday letterhead packs contain around 80 sheets of festive paper, making them useful for sending multiple letters or invitations
  • Letterheads come in standard A4 letter size, so they fit well in most printers or envelopes 
  • Acid- and lignin-free options are available to ensure they are compatible with inkjet and laser printers
  • Designs are available for a variety of holidays including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween

Quill stocks an extensive range of designer letterhead paper that will encourage everyone to stay in touch even during the busiest times of year.

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