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Jackson Safety® Huntsman® Welding Helmets  (5 Products)
Huntsman® welding hoods provide high-performance eye and skin protection from UV and infrared arc lighting and hot splashes during a range of welding processes. Choose among several types of Huntsman welding helmet face shades and viewing lenses for welding specific metals. Try Huntsman auto-darkening welding helmets for shielding eyes from all arc lighting with any metal welding. Read More
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Item # 901-702954ORS
Element™ Series W40 Welding Helmet, 42 mm (W) x 96 mm (L) Window, #9 - 13 Shade, Silver

Element™ Series W40 Welding Helmet, 42 mm (W) x 96 mm (L) Window, #9 - 13 Shade, Silver

Size: 96 mm(L) x 42 mm(W) window
Suspension: Element headgear
Shade/contrast: #9 - 13
$129.99 Each
Item # 901-567727ORS
Item # 901-702932ORS
Huntsman® Fiber Shell Welding Helmet
$86.99 Each
Item # 901-702931ORS
Item # 901-702925ORS
Want to know more about Jackson Safety® Huntsman® Welding Helmets

Types of Huntsman welding hoods

Welding helmets are one of the essential safety supplies for professionals in construction and fabrication trades. They protect workers against cornea inflammation and retina burns from UV and infrared light emanating from arc flashes during MIG, arc, or TIG welding, as well as from metal splashes and fume outgassing during the process. The helmets contain viewing windows consisting of a filter plate that darkens the brightness of the welding arc as workers apply a weld, a cover plate that secures the filter in place, and an outside glass lens that maintains a clear sight line while also providing protection against welding splashes.

Two basic helmets are available. One is a passive welding helmet with a flip-down viewing-window shade that welders swing in front of them with a sharp nod of their heads. The other is a fixed-position helmet with a viewing window.  Huntsman welding helmets consist of both types, including fixed-position helmets with auto-darkening filters (ADFs) that adjust automatically to soften the brightness of welding arcs. The helmets are required safety equipment for welders, along with specific types of work gloves that provide hand protection from welding heat and metal splashes.

The viewing features of Huntsman welding helmets

Like different styles of safety glasses that are part of eye protection supplies for specific professions, Huntsman helmets offer several elements to ensure comprehensive defense against eye injuries from welding. Many Huntsman viewing windows accept different lens colors to provide optimal contrasts for either the UV or infrared light emanating from welds with different metals. They also offer a superior range of filter-shading power, ranging from #9 for low-amp applications to #13 for high-amp applications. Fixed-position Huntsman auto-darkening welding helmets start at #3 or #4 for clear visibility and then, using digital sensors to detect the brightness of light, adjust automatically to provide #9 to #13 shade filtering. Many of the welding helmets also offer wide-angle, multiview windows to provide a full sight line during the welding process.

The versatility of Huntsman welding hoods

Various types of head protection for the construction and fabrication trades consist of different material depending on the nature of work. Huntsman welding helmets are constructed from injection-molded, washable thermoplastic, vulcanized fiber, or flexible-hood leather material suitable for specific TIG, MIG, or arc welding processes. The helmets also come with optional viewing shades:

  • Grinding glass visors
  • Lens magnifiers
  • Flip-down viewing windows
  • Sliding filter plates that switch from clear to shade #10 with the flick of a finger

 Most Huntsman helmets also feature a Zahnlok™ sizing system that accommodates head-size adjustments in 1/16-inch increments for an exact fit.