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Instant coffee is not just available in traditional jar and spoonful servings. Much of it comes in different dispensing packages, and it’s available in ground, powdered, or freeze-dried crystals of blended and flavored roasts to provide the aromatics and taste of brewed coffee. Instant still means quick, whatever the package, and all a great cup of coffee needs is the addition of hot water.

Instant coffee in different dispensing packages

When brewing systems aren’t available, like on camping trips or in motel rooms or offices, a cup of joe from instant grounds is the convenient alternative. Many of the options come as instant coffee powder or crystals in unique packaging like sticks, drip bags, capsules, or cartridges that are easy to pack and carry on the road. They provide the right single-serving amount of grounds for the perfect amount of coffee taste. The packages are perfect single-serving substitutes for K-Cup® pods if your favorite K-Cup roast isn’t available in the break room.

Instant coffee powder and other grounds pleasing to the palate

Various instant grounds, including freeze-dried granules, come from the countries and single-origin plantations that produce most of the beans in the world, including shade-grown, high-altitude arabica beans. Instant coffee is available from light, medium, and dark roast beans, including Italian, French, and espresso blends, yielding the whole range of aromatic intensities. Like single-serve coffee pods for K-Cups, the instant drip bag, cartridge, and stick options come in a variety of flavorings, including hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, mocha, and chocolate. Some companies offer green bean granules, yielding a slightly bitter, non-coffee taste that still provides natural caffeine energy. Most selections in instant serving sizes are available in decaffeinated versions as well.

Packages for the break room or home

Office or workplace coffee, water, and snacks come in convenient packaging for either large or small office groups, and single-serve instant packs are no exception. Some options come in traditional 32-ounce bags or 8-ounce jars, ideal for the home, but are also available in multipack cartons for the workplace. Single-serving drip bags, cartridges, and capsules range in volume from 0.12 to 0.25 ounces and from 50 to 80 packets per box. Other bulk sizes of instant coffee cup beverages are available as well.

Well-known brands

Several of the best-known suppliers of brew-system beverages also offer instant coffee, including the following:

  • Folgers®
  • Lavazza®
  • Starbucks®

Check out the other delicious brands available at Quill to get the exact roast, aromatics, and intensity to suit your palate, as well as the dispensing packets most convenient for you, your office, or your home.

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