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Want to know more about Gum & Mints
Gum may help protect your teeth from the growth of cavity-causing bacteria by removing food debris on your teeth. Together with mints, they help eliminate lousy breath leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean. They're available in varying flavors ranging from the sweet to the tropical and minty ones. There is a wide range of candies, from hard to soft to chewy.

Gum and mint flavor options

Fruity gum flavors are sweet and tangy. They leave a refreshing and clean taste on tongue and mouth that may help cheer up a person. Fruit flavors include strawberry, apple, banana, and more. Fruit-flavor candies can act as toppings of gourmet snacks to create a unique sweet taste. Key mint flavors are peppermint and spearmint. Spearmint leaves a cool sensation on the mouth and are generally sweet, while peppermint has a higher menthol concentration giving it spiky taste. Try out other subtle mint flavors, such as buttermint and wintermint, for a fresh and clean mouthfeel. Consider kosher certified and sugar-free mints if you have health and dietary restrictions.

Gums and mints for all ages and seasons

Children's gum has bright colors or anime characters on the packaging to create fun and appealing designs. Seasonal gum has packaging that aligns with a theme or event or festive season like Christmas. They're good options to gift your employees. The everyday candies have packaging designs favorable for any time of day and fit populations of all ages.

Popular brands of gum and mints

Whether you are looking for the delicious dessert or tropical flavors, consider brands that have a history of using United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)- certified ingredients. Quill has candy flavors of brands like:

  • Trident®
  • Life Savers®
  • Altoids®
  • Tic Tac®
  • Mentos®
  • Dentyne®
  • Orbit®
  • Dubble Bubble®
  • Doublemint®
  • Frooties®

Experience multiple gum flavors with the variety boxes that come with individually wrapped candies of varying tastes. Go for the single flavor boxes if you are a one-flavor person.

Hard vs. soft candies

Soft gum is chewy and creates a quick blast of freshness in the mouth, while hard mints dissolve slowly in the mouth to give a long-lasting experience of freshness. The hard candies are tolerant of high temperatures and don't melt quickly, making them ideal travel snacks.


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