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Disposable Respirators for Protection from Particulates

Disposable respirators offer one-time use to protect the mouth and nose from assorted flying contaminants. Keeping all those airborne particulates out of your employees' respiratory systems reduces the risk of serious health problems down the road. Disposable respirators are convenient and don't require maintenance because workers toss them at the end of the day.

Keep Lungs Clean in Dirty Air

Not everyone works in a dust-free office environment. If your employees work in the trenches with dust, pollen or other debris in the air, respirators are a must for protecting them. The respirators fit securely over the mouth and nose area, filtering out the junk so it doesn't enter the respiratory system. Choose respirators that match the environment. Many disposable respirators are designed for non-toxic, non-oil based particulates, such as dust generated on a construction site. Anything more hazardous requires a respirator designed for more dangerous environments.

Always Be Prepared for Flying Particulates

Some jobs are messier than others. Your workers may only occasionally need respirators, or you may have a visitor who needs a respirator to enter certain work areas. Having a box of disposable respirators on hand means staff and visitors always have a way to avoid breathing in junk. Buying in bulk is a cost-effective way to keep the respirators stocked.

Don't Mess With Maintenance

Cut down on maintenance time with disposable respirators. Because they get thrown away at the end of the day, this type doesn't require any cleaning or other maintenance. Your employees don't have to worry about changing filters or inspecting them to ensure they still work properly.

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