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Master Lock Padlocks for Maximum Protection

Keep company and employee possessions safe by using Master Lock padlocks to secure storage lockers. Both key and combination locks are resistant to forced-entry attempts such as cutting or drilling. Keep your office organized by adopting a color code system with a variety of colored locks.

Secure Storage Lockers

With hardened-steel shackles and locking levers, Master Lock steel padlocks are built to resist cutting, prying and drilling, making these locks truly tough to crack. Whether your company has a supply room with storage lockers or steel box lockers for employees to use, locking them up with Master Lock padlocks keeps everyone's possessions safe.

Choose From Key or Combination Locks

Both types of locks provide plenty of security; key locks only open with the key, and combination locks have well over 1,000 possible combinations so guessing the combination is nearly impossible. For employee lockers, you may want combination locks so each employee just needs to remember one combination, and you don't have to worry about lost keys. If you're securing a storage area with lockers, keys work well because employees can get what they need without memorizing combinations.

Color Code Storage Lockers

Master Lock padlocks come in a variety of colors, so you can organize more easily by using a color code. Provide employees with locks of different colors so everyone can keep track of their locker without needing to add name labels. For storage lockers, you can use a variety of colored locks to designate the type of item stored in each locker.