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Want to know more about Mop Buckets & Wringers
Mop buckets with wringers are the efficient floor-cleaning setup for homes, offices, commercial establishments, manufacturing centers, and industrial complexes. The wringer apparatus comes in different configurations, but each extracts large volumes of dirty water from mops so the mops can soak fully in clean water and detergents for floor cleaning. Buckets without wringers are also available.

Configuration of mop buckets with wringers

Wringer-equipped mop buckets are part of an array of cleaning tools that include wet mops, detergents, and dusters. Commercial mop buckets with wringers are cross-purpose cleaning setups for homes, offices, schools, and commercial establishments, as well as for more demanding workplaces like manufacturing, hospitality, and industrial settings. Wringers are integrated or removable units with two opposing perforated plates that squeeze together to extract dirty water. The squeeze mechanisms include either side-press or down-press handles, most constructed from tubular steel and containing rubber grips for control.

Size and material of commercial mop buckets

Both wringer buckets and buckets without wringers are available for any domestic, commercial, or industrial setting. Industrial mop buckets with wringers range from 26 to 36-quart capacities. Smaller utility buckets without wringers have capacities of between 10 and 20 quarts. Each of the wringer and non-wringer buckets hold stranded-head mops of different weights, including 12, 24, and 32 ounces. Both types are available with metal, plastic-grip handles, in different configurations for ease of use. Both also come in shatter-resistant polypropylene, to minimize accidental spills, and many have specific colors to prevent cross-contamination cleaning between, say, office lobbies and bathrooms or break rooms and warehouse floors.

Some conveniences of wringer-equipped mop buckets

Most wringer buckets are portable, many with 3-inch, ball-bearing, nonmarring casters, to make floor cleaning and storage more efficient. Many mop buckets with wringers also come with putty-knife holders, for tools to scrape up stubborn residue that can be discarded in trash cans or waste receptacles. Others have clip handles for storing mops or molded fill lines for detergents and water. Many also have pour spouts for emptying water, while some have foot-activated water-evacuation systems for floor drains. Some models have microfiber wringing surfaces that soak up water and debris without requiring a handled wringer system.

Bucket makers

Many wringer and non-wringer buckets come from respected manufactures of other cleaning supplies for the workplace, including Geerpres®, which offers corrosion-resistant stainless-steel and galvanized-steel buckets for a distinctive yet functional touch. Others are well-known names for household and commercial cleaning products:

  • O-Cedar Commercial, specializing in MaxiRough® lock-key janitorial caddies
  • Royce Rolls, specializing in all-in-one janitorial caddies
  • Rubbermaid®, including Rubbermaid Commercial Products

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