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Want to know more about Office Phones
Office phones include multi-line systems that can be expanded with additional handsets to accommodate all personnel as small businesses grow. The systems offer the technologically advanced features that come with today’s telephone arrangements, including synchronization with cell and computer communications. A wide variety of styles and colors are available for all office settings.

Office phone features that businesses need

Many phones for small businesses are desktop base-speaker phone systems that include two or four line connections that can grow into eight to sixteen separate phones or more with multiple handsets. Most of the systems have LED caller ID displays, many with audible ID announcements and message time and date stamps. The desk phones also come with speakerphone capabilities, including three-party conferencing using either inside or outside lines, as well as intercom communications among handsets. Standard features include call waiting, call transfer, call mute, call screening, and call intercept. Most come with data ports for faxes, modems, and answering machines, as well as jacks for hands-free communications using headsets with mics. Several models provide up to 32 or more speed-dial settings, as well as caller-ID memory of up to 200 or more numbers. Many come with a comprehensive voice-mail system, including automated receptionist support that can answer and direct calls, and with message storage times ranging from 90 to 120 minutes.

Cordless desk phone systems with DECT technology

Digitally enhanced cordless technology phone systems are also available for small business setups, featuring secure, sound-enhancing, and range-extending transmission for cordless phones. Many of these systems let you synchronize cordless phones with all the features of the base speaker system, so you can use the cordless phones around the office and take them outside as well and still be part of conference calls and intercom notifications.

Syncing up with cellphones and computers

Many phone systems are Bluetooth® compatible, so you can connect to important calls from unlocked cellphones using the expandable desk phone system, as well as receive notifications of incoming texts or emails. Other systems let you pair up to two cellular lines with one of the landlines, letting you pick up mobile calls from your landline or retrieve landline messages from your cellphone. Still other base models connect to PCs or laptops, synching up Skype™, Lync™, and VoIP. Innovative systems are also available to bypass DSL connections to access the web with a phone-line server.

Brands of phones for the office

Major telephone manufacturers provide expandable phone systems for small business. They include the following:

  • AT&T®
  • Cisco
  • Panasonic®
  • RCA
  • Xblue®

Some of these makers specialize in specific telephone technologies, including RCA phones that provide comprehensive DECT cordless systems.

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