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Whether you choose packing tape with a strong acrylic adhesive or one with a super strong, hot-melt adhesive, Quill has the products you need to ensure shipped packages arrive still sealed and stored materials stay closed for the long haul. Browse lightweight to commercial/heavy-duty packaging tapes, so you can match the product to the task without compromising on quality or budget.

Packing tape is strong

The purpose of these tapes is to hold boxes closed with a single strip, so they feature high-strength adhesives to get the job done. Tensile strength for 1.8 mil to 3.7 mil packaging tape runs from 30 pounds per square inch to 47 pounds, with some high-performance types handling up to 350 pounds. Acrylic adhesives keep storage boxes closed while solvent-free, hot-melt types provide up to 40 times the strength of acrylic for shipping heavy packages. When applying extra-strong tape, using a tape dispenser makes the task easier.

Packaging tape lasts through hard use

Tape used for shipping needs to withstand adverse conditions, because packages may be exposed to challenging environments and weather conditions during transport. Packing tape withstands extreme temperatures, from 40 degrees to 120 degrees, without compromising the effectiveness of the adhesive. High-quality models can handle damp conditions and resist splintering, tearing, and slivering. Some designs have UV formula treatment, which means clear tape won't yellow from light exposure. Boxes sealed with acrylic adhesive tape last as long as three years without peeling or releasing.

Other uses for shipping tape

Besides packing, shipping, and storing boxes, people can use packaging tape for other purposes, such as for hanging posters or similar wall decor in homes or offices when the items need to stay for long periods without removal. Shipping tape is also the perfect adhesive to use when individuals need to tape down rugs in high traffic areas to keep them from shifting. With the carpets glued in place with packaging tape, it is simple to run a vacuum over them for cleaning.

Brands of packing tape

With a variety of brands that range from lightweight and medium to heavyweight and commercial-grade, these products take care of closing lightly filled boxes for short-term storage or shipping, along with prepping heavier containers for long-term storage and sending out to customers. Different brands of packaging tape include:

  • Scotch®
  • Quill Brand®
  • Duck Brand®
  • Intertape®
  • Tape Logic™

Keep other adhesive products handy

Along with shipping tape, keep other adhesives around, which may come in handy when packing boxes, preparing items for storage, or shipping out packages.