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Whether your company is planning a mass mailing or needs to hand out brochures at an event, paper and letter folders are an efficient method to fold your materials. They’re compact, easy-to-use and save your employees time. Different fold types allow you to find the option that works best for your materials, and a manual bypass feature can fold multiple sheets of paper at once.

Paper Folder Letter Folding Machine Speeds Up Mailroom Work

Your company has all the papers and envelopes ready for its next big mailing, but now you need those papers folded professionally so they fit in the envelopes. An employee could probably do a few hundred in an hour, but folding becomes difficult the longer it's done, and that reduces productivity. Folding machines can fold thousands of sheets of paper the exact same way every hour, far exceeding what any person could do. Once an employee loads the feed tray and starts the machine, it goes through the entire stack of paper on its own, so you don't need anyone to monitor it.

Choose From Multiple Fold Options

The type of paper fold your company chooses depends on what your company's plan is for the materials. While a Z-fold works for most letters, employees can choose another option to fit letters and fliers in different envelope styles. For brochures, a gate fold or a church fold are popular options. Folding machines are available with a variety of fold options, and some include the option of programming custom folds, so you can choose a machine that fits the type of folds your company requires.

Quick Setup and Operation

A simple startup procedure makes it easier for any of your employees to use a folding machine and saves time each time an employee has to load the tray. Install the folding machine anywhere in your office that has the appropriate space and access to a power outlet. For offices without much extra space, a small desktop folder takes up less real estate than a computer keyboard. Once it's ready, all your employees have to do is load the paper in the feed area, program the machine for the appropriate fold type (if it has multiple options) and then start the machine.

Manual Bypass to Fold Multiple Sheets at Once

If your company needs certain papers kept together, opt for a folding machine with a manual bypass feature, which folds multiple sheets of paper together at once. The manual bypass function works even on stapled sheets, providing a crisp fold and keeping your company's materials organized.

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