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Papermate® ballpoint pens use a tiny metal ball at the tip that rolls across the page, and releases ink from the reservoir inside the body. This means Papermate ballpoint stick pens write smoothly with vivid, bright lines. Choose from a variety of body styles, such as the Papermate Profile® ballpoint pen for school, office, or general home use.

Papermate ballpoint pens

Papermate ballpoint pens offer a large variety of choices including colors and point sizes. These pens have a range of designs, but all of them contain the same fast-flowing, easy-glide ink system. One of the ballpoint stick pen designs has a built-in stylus for use on phones or tablets. They all have several bright and vibrant colors to choose from, but some models have four different colors in one pen. Some have rubber grips on the ends for comfort. The mini sizes fit in small pouches for on-the-go use. Many have metal accents and pocket clips, too.

Other Papermate ballpoint stick pen types

There are several other design options to choose from. Each one uses the same ink system, but all have different features or aesthetics.

  • Papermate Flexgrip® has full body rubberized grips for all over comfort and is available in Ultra or Elite versions
  • Papermate Profile® ballpoint pens have translucent bodies to see how much ink remains and are refillable
  • Papermate Comfortmate®has a rubber barrel with a triangular shape that fits naturally in the hand
  • Papermate Write Bros® stick pens are low cost for everyday use and are also available as mechanical pencils

Retractable and capped Papermate ball pens

Papermate ballpoints either have caps or are retractable. The cap fits snugly over the open pen tip and keeps ink from drying out. They usually have a pocket clip built on to the cap for easy carry. Caps keep air away from the ink tip at all times. Papermate retractable pens don’t have caps. Instead, the tip is opened and closed with the push of a button. When the tip is retracted, less air touches the ink. These ballpoint retractable pens are fun to click, efficient to use, and there is no risk of losing a cap. They also help prevent ink staining or pen markings on clothing.

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