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Poly mailers are essential packing and shipping supplies for business and home use. People can use these lightweight, weatherproof bags to ship small, non-fragile items such as apparel, jewelry, and books. Many options are reusable and some are even recyclable, making them an inexpensive, eco-friendly shipping option.

Features of poly bags for shipping

Poly mailers are thin, weatherproof shipping bags made of polyethylene film that is resistant to moisture. Most users place their items inside the bags before packing the mailers inside sturdier shipping containers or boxes, for ultimate protection. Many of these mailing supplies are puncture-resistant options and resealable, like sandwich bags; making them reusable. Available in a long list of sizes, these poly bags for shipping also come in different thicknesses to accommodate a variety of item weights. Most feature a 2 to 6 mil thickness, making them thin but durable for most any items. They also keep out dirt, debris, and other elements, which further safeguards items.

Sizes of poly mailers

Find these plastic mailing bags in a range of sizes for shipping smaller, non-fragile items like flash drives, medication bottles, or articles of clothing. Some of the smaller dimensions include:

  • 2 x 8 inch
  • 3 x 5 inch
  • 4 x 8 inch
  • 6 x 12 inch

They come in many more sizes including dimensions up to 10 x 14 and 13 x 18 inch, giving users a wide range of options when they prefer to double up their protection when shipping items in cardboard boxes.

Choose the right filling for poly mailers

It's important to ensure that items fit snugly in these containers, as loose objects may shift during the shipping process, which could cause damage, even to non-delicate items. For this reason, it's a good idea to add a little padding, such as peanuts or bubble wrap. While this does slightly increase the weight of the package, it protects the objects inside the plastic mailing bags. When using poly bags for mailing, simply place the clear or colored bags in larger envelopes or boxes and put some stuffing around them. Alternatively, consider using bubble mailers that already feature a little extra padding. 

When you need more than a poly mailer offers

While poly mailers are a cost-effective shipping choice, they are not suitable for all types of items. For larger pieces, or things that are more fragile, there are plenty of other options available. Consider round mailing tubes for artwork, posters, rugs, and other objects that are easy to roll. Corrugated mailers and boxes are suitable for bigger items and packages that consist of multiple poly bags.

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