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Want to know more about Post-it® & Sticky Notes Dispensers
Post-it® note dispensers go on desktops at home, school, or the office. They hold colorful sticky notes, an essential office supply for leaving self-reminders, communications, and messages on a variety of surfaces. The adhesive on the sticky notes lets you attach them, remove them, and then attach them again. The dispensers keep the stickies in one convenient location, within easy pull-off reach.

Post-it note dispensers provide functionality

The dispensers for sticky notes hold either 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 inch pads containing accordion-style pop-up sheets that adhere to each other on opposing sides so they dispense one at a time, leaving behind enough sheet surface on the next one to make it easy to grip. Other dispensers are available for standard pads containing same-side adhesive sheets, offering easy-access insets for grabbing one sheet at a time. Many Post-it dispensers are desktop models. They contain weighted bottoms so that users can pick off sheets with just one hand. Some dispensers are wall-mount models. Certain dispensers come in accessory packs with Post-it notes, containing anywhere from 3 to 12 pop-up or traditional pads apiece.

Traditional office-style Post-it dispensers

Several elegant dispensers are available for traditional office decor. One series consists of sleek, contoured white or black holders with fixed acrylic tops for pop-up sticky notes. Office dispensers for traditional Post-it pads include L-shape silver holders, some with leather-trim pads, as well as black marble holders with chrome or brass stanchions to keep the pads in place. More functional dispensers include caddies that dispense not only pop-up notes but also narrow-strip Post-it flags for tagging book or notebook pages for reference. Some of the caddies come with frames for inserting family, vacation, or other photos.

Artistic, decorative dispensers

Dispensers for pop-up sticky notes also come in less traditional styles that still provide an elegant look on any office desktop. You can slide different designer panels under the acrylic top of more traditional dispensers for a patterned look. Pop-up dispensers also include a series of open-sided, pillow-shape dispensers that color-match specific shades of Post-it notes. Another series includes pebble-shape dispensers, created by the noted artist Karim Rashid to bring a sense of serenity to the office setting.

Whimsical dispensers

Many Post-it holders are novelty designs that help personalize space in the office or at home, much like cute sticky notes that come in a variety of shapes that include stars, cupcakes, and thought bubbles. The novelty dispensers still contain 3 x 3 inch pop-up Post-its, and they include the following:

  • Apple dispenser
  • Purse dispenser
  • Heart dispenser
  • Cat dispenser
  • Golf-club dispenser
  • Camera dispenser

You can match each of these whimsical designs with specific colors in the rainbow of sticky notes.

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