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Update offices or homes with a wide selection of multi-functional printers and scanners. Using desktop printers and scanners covers all corporate needs, such as copying, printing, scanning, and faxing. Printer types include laser machines, inkjet printers, and 3D printers. Opt for wireless printers and scanners and upload digital files straight from the cloud.

Reliable printer and scanner selection for businesses

Equip offices and homes with computer printers and scanners and choose based on need. There are multiple types of office printers and scanners available, such as single-function and multi-function devices, 3D models, photo printers, and dot matrix machines. Desktop printers and scanners from several major brands are available to accommodate all basic office needs such as copying, faxing, printing, and scanning. Wireless printers and scanners are useful for large business complexes with many employees. Most have protective security features, which allow only approved people to have access to sensitive documentation.

Multifunction desktop printers and scanners improve workflow

Choose multifunction or all-in-one printers for past-paced working environments, as they can print, scan, copy, and fax from a single machine which also saves desktop or worktop space. They may be available with the following functions:

  • USB connectivity - Besides the wireless option; upload digital files via USB ports
  • Duplex printing - Print double-sided documents automatically
  • Various printing speeds - Ranges are from 10 to 100 pages per minute
  • Touch-screen interface - Edit print settings before printing

With only a few clicks, use Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® technologies to upload files from cloud services to a printer.

Advanced printing technologies

Most home printers and scanners or those designed for businesses feature several technologies depending on the model. Inkjet machines use standard ink cartridges that spray ink onto paper via small, yet efficient nozzles. Laser devices use powder toners to produce prints electrostatically, which means they use electronically charged particles. The most advanced printing technology, however, is in 3D printers. Using additive manufacturing, this feature produces solid, three-dimensional objects in a short time. Store 3D profiles to have them on hand for printing when it's necessary. 3D printers can create countless types of objects such as figurines, household repair tools, and medical prosthetics, to name a few.

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