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Using a storage safe is one of the easiest ways to hide and secure collectible items, documents, money, and jewelry. These lockboxes use a range of locking mechanisms to offer the level of protection you need. A variety of size options are available to store all types of items, accommodating storage needs at home or in commercial settings.

Storage safe size options

No matter how much space is available or what you need to store, there are vaults that meet all needs. Small vault options hold less than 1 cubic foot. Consider this option when hiding coin rolls, keys, jewelry, and identification. Those who need a bit more space can consider a locking safe with up to 3 cubic feet. These models offer safe storage for binders, cash boxes, collectible items, and loose paper documents. Large coffers range from 3 to 15 cubic feet of space. Deposit boxes on the low end of this scale can contain hanging file folders and large items. At the high end of this range, vaults easily hold firearms and data storage drives.

Lock technology for safe storage

There are several types of locks to explore while looking for the right deposit box for home or office settings. Each option offers a different level of protection:

  • Privacy key
  • Combination
  • Mechanical dial
  • Electronic
  • Dual-lock

Keyed locks are convenient options for standard storage needs since they don't require an electricity source and users do not have to remember any numbers. A mechanical dial requires users to turn the dial to a preset combination of numbers before the lock opens. A digital or electronic lock works much the same way but utilizes a keypad for combination entry. Multiuser digital safe models make it easy to keep track of who accesses the vault. Dual-lock options generally include both a combination or keypad and a key, giving users multiple opening options.

Compare home and office safe features

Most storage safe products offer additional features for extra protection. Fire protection is a top priority for home and office safe models since fire is one of the most common threats to money and documents. Those living in flood-prone areas can look for waterproof and water-resistant lockboxes. When choosing a security safe, look for features like pry-resistant doors, tethering cables, and steel construction. These features deter thieves.

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