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Fire Extinguishers for Safer Working Environments

Bring peace of mind to the workplace by ensuring you have the right fire extinguishers for the types of fires that employees might face. Keep extinguishers visible and available in work areas such as office kitchens, store rooms, corridors and garages. Fire extinguishers in a variety of sizes come complete with sturdy metal wall hangers that ensure they are readily available for use and easy to find in times of emergency. Make sure authorized employees know their locations and are trained in their use should the need arise.

Stop Small Office Fires Getting Out of Hand

Typical office environments are full of common combustibles such as paper, wood and plastic. Kidde multipurpose dry chemical fire extinguishers in corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminum tackle small office fires in categories A, B or C. They also cope with fires caused by faulty electrical equipment or those that involve flammable liquids, grease, gasoline, gases or solvents. Clear instruction labels show users how to prepare and use each extinguisher in the event of a fire. Trained employees can grab an extinguisher from its wall hanger, pull the safety pin and discharge contents from a distance of between 9 and 20 feet, depending upon model and size.

Prevent Kitchens Becoming Toast

Office kitchens are great when employees want to heat up a snack but can prove hazardous if people get distracted, leaving food to burn. Kidde’s sodium bicarbonate fire extinguishers are suitable for tackling category B and C fires in workplace kitchens, scientific laboratories or garages. Operating distances of 6 to 8 feet mean users can maintain a safe distance when tacking small blazes. Nontoxic, nonconductive and noncorrosive sodium bicarbonate doesn’t leave any residue, meaning workplaces are easy to clean and get functioning again after small fires.

Avoid Nasty Shocks

Kidde’s water fire extinguishers are supplied empty for charging by third parties. Water is great for tackling category A fires involving ordinary combustibles such as paper, wood or cloth. However, water’s conductive properties mean it cannot be used for class B or C fires involving electricity or flammable liquids. Workplaces that use electricity benefit from carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. This nonconductive chemical tackles fires in places such as computer rooms, food storage areas and processing plants. CO2 gas is quick to dissipate and cleans up easily.

Stay Safe on the Move

Fires in cars or vans can be terrifying for drivers. They can also be costly for businesses if expensive stock or equipment traveling inside the vehicle is engulfed by flames. Keep drivers and equipment safe by fitting your vehicle fleet with automobile fire extinguishers using special vehicle mounting brackets or by storing one in every vehicle’s glove box. These lightweight aluminum extinguishers use sodium bicarbonate to extinguish category B and C fires.

Keep Commercial and Restaurant Kitchens Running

Restaurant or cafe fires can endanger customers and staff. Left unchecked, they can destroy livelihoods. Stainless steel wet chemical fire extinguishers tackle category K kitchen fires involving cooking oils or fats.