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Steel strapping is among several banding materials for securing pallet loads of corrugated or wooden containers or wrapped self-contained products. Pallet strapping has to have high-tensile strength to withstand the rigors of forklift shipping and receiving and intermediate freight-loading points. Poly strapping and steel strapping offer the strongest breaking points of all tie-down materials.

Steel strapping as part of other supplies

A variety of twine, rope, and strapping are an integral part of mailing and shipping supplies for all arrays of commercial products. While twine is ideal for securing small packaging for bulk mailing, and rope is a less intensive pallet tie-down for lighter weight goods, steel provides the ultimate in breaking-point thresholds and rigid stability for heavyweight pallet shipments. Both steel and poly pallet strapping are the high end of tie-down strength for pallet contents.

The difference between steel and poly pallet strapping

Both poly and steel banding use similar tools for tightening and securing the strapping for optimal tensile strength and tie-down protection. For instance, poly strapping kits include poly or metal buckles to thread the poly banding at tie-off points, as well as tensioners to tighten the banding, crimpers to secure it, and cutters to remove the excess. Steel banding has similar but heavier-duty accessories and tools, including tensioners and cutters. However, rather than buckles and crimpers, steel banding uses galvanized-steel sleeves, called seals, to thread the strapping, with strapping sealers to crimp them in place.

Four key elements differentiate steel banding from all other types:

  • It’s essential for loads with rigid metallic tie-down points that may fray or easily snap other strapping
  • It has the highest breaking point of all strapping, so it can handle the heaviest loads
  • It keeps its shape and rigidity, so non-settling loads maintain their original packing configuration
  • It withstands frequent loading and unloading during shipping transit

In addition, you can’t cut steel banding with standard box cutters, providing an extra measure of security for pallets that remain outside in warehouse yards.

The dimensions of steel strapping

The strapping comes in coils that go in heavy-gauge cardboard or buckle-down steel dispensers to contain the roll and deploy it more conveniently. The available steel coils come in 200- and 300-foot lengths, either 0.5 or 0.75 inches wide, and in either 17 gauge (0.045-inch) or 20 gauge (0.032-inch) thickness. All available steel banding meets the ASTM International standard for flat steel strapping and seals.

Discover the different types of steel banding at Quill, along with the tools and accessories for applying the strongest, most stable strapping for pallet tie-downs.

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