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Surgical Instruments to Make Clean Incisions

When your employees are making incisions during a medical procedure, they need reliable tools, and surgical instruments provide durable blades and easy-to-grip designs. Individually packaged and disposable to ensure sterility before use, surgical instruments come in a range of sizes and styles, indicated by the blade's number. Depending on the blade's number, it may be more effective for larger incisions or more precise work, and boxes clearly indicate the blade number to make finding the right blade simple. Manufacturers sterilize blades and test their durability before packaging them, minimizing the risk of spreading any diseases.

Solid Grip Makes Blades Easy to Handle

A good grip gives your employees confidence while handling surgical instruments, leading to more precise movements and a better experience for the patient. For surgical blades, glove cartridges connect quickly to the blade and provide another stable gripping surface that doesn't require any technique adjustments.

Color Coded for Quick Identification

Fishing around the supply closet for the right type of blade wastes your employees' time. Make it easier on them by choosing surgical blades with color coded packaging that indicates the blade size. Not only does it help your employees perform their jobs more efficiently, it prevents them from getting stressed out trying to find the correct item in a well-stocked closet. The efficiency improvements also benefit your image, as patients see a streamlined operation.

Cleaned Before Packing to Ensure Blades Are Sterile

Surgical instruments go through an individual sterilization process, with Exel in particular using ultrasonic cleaning on their surgical blades prior to packaging. Instruments are packaged individually and disposable, so employees can trust that they're using sterile equipment every time. By using sterile equipment, your facility significantly reduces the risk of infections, and disposing of instruments after use ensures that nothing can get contaminated.

Sizes Available for Both Larger or More Precise Cuts

Surgical blades are one area where one size doesn't fit all, as having the right size blade makes it much easier for employees to perform the correct incisions for the situation. With surgical blades available in sizes 10 through 23, you're able to provide all the options your employees need to handle any stage of the procedure, whether it's a large initial cut or smaller work that requires precision.

Durable Materials That Don't Cause Allergies

Your employees need surgical instruments that they can trust to do the job without breaking under pressure, and the metals used in surgical blades and scalpels are strong enough to cut cleanly without bending or breaking. Manufacturers test the strength of blades before they're sent out, with Exel putting all its surgical blades through a rigidity test. Both latex and latex free surgical blades are available, so your facility is able to accommodate patients with allergies.

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