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Tombow correction tape is a break-resistant white ribbon with adhesive backing that covers and corrects mistakes on typed or handwritten copy. Single-line Tombow MONO correction tape is the feature model of all Tombow applicator styles, each with white correction tape. Tombow green correction tape is one of the color-tinted applicators for matching office decor or personal tastes.

The basics of Tombow correction tape

Proofreading reports or recalculating spreadsheets sometimes reveals minor errors. Several brands of correction tape are available for covering and correcting those mistakes by hand. Tombow MONO correction tape offers several features that make it one of the preferred choices. It offers strong adhesive so the tape doesn’t loop, curl, or peel on contact. The tape is virtually non-breakable, yet cuts cleanly. Its edges are shadow-free when copy is faxed or reproduced, and the surface of the tape accepts pen ink without smearing. Tombow MONO tape applicators come with dual-gear technology, giving the tape the right balance of tension and fluidity as you dispense it. Each applicator also comes with a rewind button to reduce waste if you dispense too much tape at one time.

An array of Tombow tape-correcting models

Unlike correction fluid, you can write immediately on the dry, clean surface of Tombow MONO tape as soon as it’s on paper. In addition, the tape is a consistent thickness, so you don’t have to write over the ridges that fluid might leave behind. The tape available with MONO models also comes in other Tombow lines, including the following models:

  • Hybrid models with retractable tips, providing both side-action correction motion and pivoting pin-point motion for correcting single digits or letters
  • Wide Width two-line correction tape for hiding mistakes on wide-ruled notebook paper
  • MONO Mega applicators, containing 60 percent more correction tape than original MONO models
  • MONO Top Action compact applicators in opaque black, blue, purple, and pink, with pivoting heads and rubberized, textured grips to maneuver the heads precisely

Like Tombow blue correction tape, each line has distinctive applicators, most of them transparent so you can see how much tape is left on the roll.

Tombow pink correction tape and MONO Retro colors

The color applicators also come in vibrant pink-tinted, transparent dual-gear models, in addition to blue and green. Tombow also offers MONO applicators in a Retro line that includes assortment packages of tinted aqua, kiwi, rose, and lavender.

Refillable cartridges

Some fluid and tape containers are available as stick-style correction pens to provide fingertip control. Tombow pen-style correction tape comes in see-through applicators that accept refillable cartridges with retractable tips, ideal for corrections on spreadsheets and small-print documents.

Check out the innovative Tombow correction tape models to see which one best suits your document needs and style preference.

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