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Office water coolers deliver a fresh drinking alternative over sodas and coffee for clients, employees, and customers. Whether it is a countertop design to save space or a tall floor model centrally located for easy access by all, an office water dispenser is a positive addition to any work environment.

Promote health with an office water dispenser

Office water coolers ensure employees have consistent access to clean office water. Since human bodies consist of mostly water, it’s important to stay hydrated in order to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Staying hydrated keeps people alert and provides individuals with increased energy throughout their days. As a general rule, those who stay fully hydrated can think more clearly and keep their focus.

Features of office water coolers

Most water dispenser models have a simple design that is easy to use by individuals of all ages. They prevent the frequent opening and closing of office refrigerator doors to gain access to water bottles. Some office water dispenser units come with both hot and cold water taps for preparing tea or simply enjoying the cool water. Many hot water tabs have a safety feature to prevent users from burns. You can also equip the cold water with a safety valve to prevent someone from accidentally running out the water. Some even include a dry storage area for holding paper cups, tea bags, and other food service supplies within reach.

When purchasing break room supplies, consider the benefits of different types of coolers to fit the office space. Countertop models are compact in size and easy to move from one location to another. They are also easy to keep clean and maintain. Large bottled water coolers often come with free setup and in spite of their size, they are mobile and you can place them anywhere. They are energy-efficient, and some dispensers include shut-off valves to prevent dripping.

Choose clean water from some of the top brands

Popular name brands of office water coolers deliver dependability and accommodate heavy usage. Choose one with a stainless steel exterior for a modern look or a classic design in white or black that looks good anywhere.

  • Hamilton Beach®
  • DWI
  • NewAir®
  • P3®
  • Paul Frank
  • Oasis®

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