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Track fitness activity with wearable technology that can monitor steps, calories, heart rate, and more. Wearable fitness technology can even assist with tracking sleep and relaxation periods. Use wearable medical technology to monitor pulse and heart rate, an especially helpful tool for individuals with health conditions.

Track health patterns with wearable technology

Advancements in wearable technology make it easier than ever to track fitness activity and monitor health. With wearable fitness technology like smart watches, pedometers, and calorie counters, healthy living through detailed tracking is simple. The days of manual exercise journal entries and hand pump blood pressure monitors are over. GPS is an arm’s length away with apps for cycling, running and, more with today’s smart watch capabilities. Able to monitor heart rate or blood pressure, these watches aid individuals with heart conditions and other serious health problems that require light or moderate regimens. Wearable healthcare technology can keep activities within medical guidelines by sending an alert when heart rate or blood pressure has elevated past recommended levels.

Smart wearable fitness technology for any routine

In recent years, smart watches have taken over as the new go to wearable fitness technology. Multiple brands offer watches that monitor fitness levels, provide exercise applications, track sleep patterns, and time relaxation periods. smart watches can also notify users of messages, phone calls, calendar events, and more. Quill carries watches that track various activities and body indicators in the following brands.

  • Casio®
  • Garmin™
  • Supersonic®
  • Pyle™
  • NAXA™

Choose from accessories including watch face screen protectors and wrist straps to personalize wearable technology. The straps come in nylon, leather, Milanese, and stainless steel. Color variations for nylon strap replacements on wearable technology include black, pink, gray, blue, peach, and white. Milanese and stainless steel options include gold, rose gold, and silver. Choose wrist straps with all the repair tools included in the package to ensure you have everything needed for a proper swap. Several accessories are also available for Apple® watches, like protective holders for charging and gel bumpers to protect the face of the smart watch.

Other wearable technology

Two of the most common devices used to monitor daily activity are pedometers and fitness trackers. With GPS, large digital readouts, flexible wristbands, and, in some models, Bluetooth® technology, these trackers provide both fun and important information about a daily stroll or a mountainside hike. Grab an action or pocket camera and enjoy the scenery long after a hike has ended.

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