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Want to know more about Art & School Markers
Professional artists choose art markers because they're easy to use, quick-drying, and compatible with most media. These qualities also make them ideal for school art projects. With these drawing tools, students of all ages can make sketching and coloring mess-free, fun activities. There is a wide selection of fine, medium, and broad tip markers for professional and budding artists.

Sketch with different art marker tips

The size of an art marker's tip determines the thickness of the lines it produces. For example, broad tip markers write thick, bold lines and are best for coloring large areas. Fine tip units have slender points and draw thin lines, while medium tips put down medium-sized strokes. Artists can also choose double-ended or twin-tip markers with different tips on either end. These versatile drawing tools usually pair chisel tips with brush or bullet tips.

When adding these pen markers to your art supplies, it's also important to consider the shapes of their tips.

  • Conical tip: a fine point that produces thin, accurate lines required for drawing details and patterns
  • Bullet tip: like a conical tip but draws thicker lines with a fuller and more rounded point
  • Brush tip: has an extended point like a paintbrush and can draw with thin and broad strokes
  • Chisel tip: has a flat, wide, and slanted point capable of drawing thin and thick lines

Choose between alcohol- and water-based art markers

Alcohol-based markers use inks made of dyes suspended in alcohol, while water-based ones contain dyes suspended in a mixture of water and glycerin. Alcohol-based markers are water-resistant and less likely to smudge. These features make their markings last longer than those of water-based markers. However, art markers that use alcohol-based ink have noticeable odors. In contrast, water-based markers are odorless and non-irritating and, therefore, safer for kids.

Consider color ranges and paper supply

The number of colors available in an art marker pack depends on its size. Introductory packs usually include 6 to 12 pens of different colors. These are easier to carry around than larger pack sizes. As with colored pencils, it's possible to create more colors with such basic sets by blending multiple pigments. If you plan on blending and layering colors extensively, consider getting thick art paper rolls to prevent marker inks bleeding through the sheets. Art paper with a glossy finish is unsuitable for blending different colors. However, they use less ink. For kids drawing with art markers, consider getting construction paper. This versatile art and craft paper has a rough surface that absorbs inks quickly to minimize smudging.

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