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Canned Air/Duster Products for Clean, Productive Work Areas

Bust the dust on office keyboards and monitors with the help of trusty canned air and duster products and keyboard protectors. While a common belief is that a little dust or liquid is harmless, the reality is that excessive buildup on computer components can lead to damage and result in reduced overall productivity. Canned air, keyboard protectors and monitor wipes work wonders against spills, tough dust, grime, hair and other frustrating elements that camp out on employees' computers and work areas and hinder progress. Preventing these kinds of messes is a large step toward a clean, organized space and improved electronic functionality.

Keep Your Office Keyboards in Tip-Top Shape

Computer keyboards are notorious for harboring dust, food crumbs, hair and other little goodies that make their way beneath the keys. While it's important for office keyboards to get regular wipe-downs to reduce germ transfer that can easily occur when multiple users have access, reaching down between the keys with a cotton swab or paper clip just isn't efficient when it comes to removing pesky debris. Canned air makes this tough job a breeze. Just press down on the lever, and watch in amazement as small puffs of air eliminate gunk from every nook and cranny.

Protect Your Office Keyboards From Spills With Covers and Skins

A wet keyboard often equals a malfunctioning keyboard, which can significantly slow down productivity when you have to call in the IT guy or replace the keyboard altogether. Keyboard covers and protective skins such as our KB covers for Apple products are the perfect solution to unfortunate coffee and water spills that can occur when employees are hard at work. Crafted with durable silicone, these covers fit like a glove to ensure maximum performance while keeping unwanted debris at bay.

Make Your Monitor Sparkle

Dusty monitors are no fun at all, as buildup can hide in all four corners and dull the appearance of glass. The good news is that canned air and monitor wipes can keep your office monitors looking as good as new. Monitor wipes clean without causing scratches, while canned air blasts the unsightly debris out of the corners for a just-like-new appearance.

Bulk Canned Air/Duster Products for Your Workspace Cleaning Needs

If you're ready to eradicate unsightly dust and debris from employee work areas and keep your office keyboards protected, Quill has all the right products to get you started. Choose from single canned-air products from Dust Destroyer that have precision-dusting extension tubes to tidy up a single work area, or purchase multi-packs to cover the entire office. Our keyboard protectors prevent liquid from damaging your systems, while our combo packs of monitor cloths and canned air make dusting and cleaning easy and convenient. Our dust-busting products let you say goodbye to dirt and buildup, allowing for a sparkling clean, productive office.