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Certificate paper is a specialty paper designed for awards, achievements, and diplomas. It comes in varying weights, designs, and textures that provide an elegant and distinguished flair to the printed words and images. Choose the preferred style for business or school needs.

Certificate paper types

Award printer paper comes in various types based on the designs or lack of designs. Blank certificate paper has no preprinted markings so users can create their own or have extra space for printing. Options with borders provide elegant decoration immediately with designs such as braids, Fleur-de-lis, or geometric shapes.

Blank certificate paper textures

Blank achievement paper comes in varying textures. Smooth options are slightly shiny and feel silky to the touch. Parchment is usually slightly colored off-white or aged to look like antique paper and gives an air of importance. Linen choices are soft and luxurious for an elegant feel. It's also possible to purchase colored copy paper for certificates that catch the eye.

Certificate printing paper weight

Printing paper comes in different weights measured by how much a specific number of pages weighs. Thin selections work well for many awards that users place in certifcate holders or frames right away, while thick card stock works perfectly for less protected and everyday certificates. Common certificate paper weights include the following:

  • 24-pound bond/60-pound text: This multipurpose copy paper is ideal for quick printing and usually comes in 500-page reams for bulk certificate printing
  • 80-pound text: Allows for heavy printing without show-through on awards with a lot of ink
  • 65-pound cover: Thick bulk card stock still fits through printers with ease for heavier, more elegant certificates
  • 80-pound cover: Super thick for long-lasting certificates that don't need frames

Printing and writing options

Certificate paper often fits through both inkjet and laser printers. It's also possible to find paper designed for specific printers that holds the ink or toner. Thick card stock works for calligraphy because it absorbs the ink without bleed-through. For quick printing of identical certificates, many of the thinner paper weights work with most copy machines.

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