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Ceiling Fan Light Kits to Add Illumination

Ceiling fan light kits turn plain ceiling fans into functional, decorative fixtures in your office. Add a light kit to a plain fan, or replace the existing ceiling fan light with an updated style. The new overhead fixtures add ambient lighting to the room for overall illumination that makes work tasks easier to see. Give the office space a functional and aesthetic update with something as simple as installing ceiling fan lights.

Light up Work Spaces

Cast an ambient glow in work spaces with the help of ceiling fan lighting kits. Not only does the lighting kit help illuminate work tasks, it also adds general light to the office space, making it seem less like a stuffy office and more like a cozy, homey environment. Ceiling fan light kits vary in the number of light bulbs they hold and the way those light bulbs fit into the fixture. If you want a bright light in the space, choose a fixture with multiple light bulbs without a shade covering them. For diffused light that creates a general warm glow, choose a globe-style shade that hides the light bulbs with a frosted glass covering.

Create a Mood

Shades on ceiling fan light kits come as plain as a simple white glass globe or as intricate as handcrafted, multi-colored Tiffany-style shades. The color and shape of the shade and the style of the accents on the light affect the type of mood it sets. Choose the type of lighting you want by considering the decor style and feel of the space. Select a lighting kit that completes a sleek and modern space with the look of shiny metal, or pick the rich, traditional look of antiqued glass and aged bronze accents. The mood of the room is particularly important if the ceiling fan hangs in a reception area where clients spend time. A lighting kit that clashes with the general style of the office can make the room feel uncomfortable and unprofessional and possibly give clients and vendors a negative impression.

Increase Flexibility

Ceiling fans without light keep the air flowing, but adding light kits to them instantly increases their functional value. Suddenly, employees can enjoy the cooling breezes of the fan and the ambient glow of an additional lighting fixture. Or they can stick with just the light or just the fan to get the desired feeling. Ceiling fan lights typically come with the option of light switch or pull-chain operation. Ceiling fans with lights complement the other light sources in the office, such as desk lamps, traditional overhead fixtures and even natural light sources, giving your employees all the light they need to stay motivated and complete their tasks efficiently.