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Chenille Kraft® Gems  (2 Products)
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Teachers and parents use fun gems to add value and enjoyment to playtime and to school projects. These craft accessories are easy to use and appropriate for children ages three and older. Stars, flowers, clovers, snowflakes, and butterflies in natural gemstone colors make the craft kit suitable for year-round projects. Add some sparkle and shine to artwork, frames, and decor. Read More
Chenille Kraft® Gems, Acrylic Gemstones

Chenille Kraft® Gems, Acrylic Gemstones

Age group and grade: Ages 3 -18 and grades pre school -12th
Includes bright and colorful letters, shapes and objects
Material: Acrylic
$23.79 Each
Item # 901-JV37574
Model # CK3584
Chenille Kraft® Gems, Fun Gems

Chenille Kraft® Gems, Fun Gems

Type: Gemstones
Age group and grade: Ages 3 - 18 and grades pre-school - 12th
Color: Assorted
$24.79 Each
Item # 901-JV37573
Model # CK3541
Want to know more about Chenille Kraft® Gems

Use fun gems for dynamic designs

Have craft kits on hand to fill a rainy day with entertaining activities. Put the technology away and have an imaginative adventure. Create home-made, thoughtful gifts that show true appreciation. Use along with feathers or wood pieces in a mixed art piece. Incentivize learning by associating different shapes with different rewards. The easy metallic backing and soft foam construction make the craft accessories effortless to use and easy to transport. Select self sticking gems in geometric shapes to have fun making amazing scrapbooks and artwork.

Mix things up with jumbo glass gems

Incorporate large glass gems to add further dimension to arts and crafts projects. They can also fill vases, glass lamps, and aquariums. Their flat surfaces allow the gems to transform into holiday ornaments, special event keepsakes, or photo magnets. Add color to potted plants, or integrate them into a mosaic. A water-based sealer will help the gems keep their luster, or add glue and glitter for extra shine. 

Use fun gems for many purposes

Fun gems are versatile for creative projects, and the only limit is imagination. With a big selection of objects like animals and umbrellas, shapes like stars and snowflakes, and letters of the alphabet, kids can turn a rainy day at home or in the classroom into a crafting adventure. Along with other craft accessories, they can be used on:

  • Costumes
  • Posters
  • Photo albums
  • Book covers
  • Homemade greeting cards
  • Pendants and barrettes
  • Handbags and headbands
  • Graduation caps
  • Shoes and clothing
  • Anywhere there is the need for a dazzling display

They are easy enough for a child to use, but sophisticated enough for use on major art projects. Glamorize and individualize anything by adding some gems. They are a useful and handy staple for any artist, parent, teacher, or anyone wanting to add color and shine to their lives. Keep a bag of fun gems as part of a craft kit to ensure that all of your projects will shimmer.