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Quick and easy classroom decorating ideas

Classroom Decoration

Making your classroom bright and colorful can be easy and cost-effective when you know what to do. Design a classroom that children love learning in and put the fun in functional with practical, well thought out decorating. Unpack the milk crates, roll out the washi tape, dig out the paints, and get creative with back to school decorations. Whether you want to choose a specific theme or color scheme, check out the following classroom decorating ideas to create the classroom of your dreams.

Classroom decorating ideas for displaying art

Students take great pride in their creations, so it's important they're displayed on the walls for all to enjoy. Consider the following ideas to exhibit student's art around the classroom:

  • Print color photos of your students and glue them to binder clips. Hang the clips from colorful hooks or nails around the classroom to display students' creations.
  • Spray paint clipboards and have each student artistically write their name at the top of the board. Clipboards hold art without pins or staples, so artwork can be hung without creating holes or tears.
  • Paint inexpensive wooden frames in a variety of colors and patterns, or assign frames to students and have them create their own to reflect their personalities. Fix artwork to the frames and hang on the wall for a creative display.

Add color with simple classroom decorating ideas

Decorating the classroom in bright shades can go way beyond colorful walls. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few inspirational ideas for adding extra color to your classroom to create a cheerful learning environment:

  • Use contact paper to decorate and brighten file cabinets. For a mismatched look use different patterns or colors or use complementary colors for a more cohesive feel.
  • Fashion distinctive edging on desks, file cabinets, and shelving units with washi tape. However, don't limit the washi tape to edging only. If you're feeling adventurous, use various colors and patterns of tape to cover an entire table for a wonderfully bright work area.
  • Give shelves and bookcases a new lease of life with stickers. Stick different shapes to furniture to transform them into something bright and spectacular. This is also an excellent way to hide dents and bumps from previous years' classes to freshen up the fixtures.

Cheap classroom decorations for storage

Maximize space and create functional, attractive storage with these three easy, inexpensive methods:

  • Recycle used milk crates for storing art supplies, books, or students' clothing and coats. Brighten them up or personalize them by threading colored ribbon through the holes.
  • Hang plastic baskets on the wall using hooks and hanging strips. Baskets can be color coded for learning groups or used to store items without taking up precious floor space.
  • Use kitchen items. Spice racks make fantastic storage units, especially for pins, rubber bands, staples, and paper clips, while articles such as buckets, caddies, and plastic table cloths are all suitable for classroom use. Paint or wrap washi tape around a dish rack to create a desktop filing system.

Decorate the doors, walls, and floors. Adorn the shelves and desks. Be inspired to create a bright, motivating classroom that your students enjoy.