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Mailer boxes wholesale are available in packs with different quantities for frequent shipping. Literature mailer boxes come with sturdy construction and in several sizes. Consider sending items in white literature mailers to create a professional look. Brown options are ideal for shipping and packing delicate objects when moving.

Mailer boxes wholesale for shipping-ready businesses

Literature mailer boxes that come in crush-resistant designs are ideal for shipping fragile goods. Some boxes can withstand pressure up to 200 pounds without crushing. Such options can keep fragile items safe with no additional packing. Boxes rated 32 ECT combine lightweight construction with the rigidity to allow for stacking.

Boxes can hold items of different weights. Fiberboard and double-wall construction on some options enhance their strength and reusability. Select mailers consist of raw materials from recycled sources. Some come in a flat form for convenient transport and storage, and they’re easy to assemble. There is a wide variety of dimensions to choose from, with various capacities such as 0.01, 0.05, 0.08, and 0.1 cubic feet. Mailers with scoring at multiple depths allow users to pack objects of different sizes.

Easy-to-close literature mailer boxers

Select boxes are easy to close without using tape or glue thanks to their self-locking clasps. Other options feature self-adhesive flaps that can form airtight seals to secure contents. Consider using packing tape to seal and provide tamper-proof shipments. There are several brands of mailers to choose from including;

  • Partners Brand
  • Staples®
  • SI Products
  • Box Partners
  • Bags & Bows

White literature mailers are convenient for branding, and their labels stand out. Large mailer boxes wholesale are ideal for moving, shipping bulky items, and storage. Decorative options offer a classy way to send gifts for holidays or anniversaries, and they come in various designs.

Bulk mailer boxes in various shapes

Bookfold mailers are suitable for shipping flat fragile objects, such as certificates, portfolios, blueprints, and photographs. Their tough structure prevents folding to protect professional documents from damage. Carrying cases have handle inserts and are suitable for carrying or shipping promotional literature, such as brochures and samples. Specialty mailers that combine rigid cardboard construction with foam lining are ideal for sending fragile gifts and compact discs. Find other shipping supplies at Quill, such as shipping boxes and labels.

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