Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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Want to know more about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Personal protective equipment (PPE) safeguards the face and head from job-site hazards. Medical personal protective equipment includes emergency eyewash stations to flush out chemicals and foreign objects, while health care personal protective equipment includes respirators that protect against exposure to biohazardous substances. Be prepared with the right protection.

Personal protective equipment for eye protection

Many job sites emit by-products harmful to the eyes, including chemicals, particulates, and aerosols. Emergency medical personal protective equipment includes eyewash stations that let workers flush and cleanse their eyes of foreign objects immediately after exposure. The stations include wall-mounted gravity-fed machines, or permanently plumbed faucet and basin assemblies. Each contains side-mounted or upward-facing nozzles that dispense a steady, gentle flow of clean water with a bacteriostatic or saline additive for cleansing.

Other eye-protection PPE gear includes safety glasses and goggles that meet ANSI and OSHA standards for impact and scratch-resistance. Outdoor glasses feature UV-resistant coatings, and many glasses have a coating to prevent fogging. Some models fit over existing eyewear; others have diopter or magnifying strips for detailed task work.

Personal protective equipment masks and respirators

Aerosols, organic vapors, petrochemical particulates, and asbestos and insulation fibers are harmful by-products for the throat and lungs. A variety of masks and respirators protect against airborne substances. Some masks are simple disposables that filter out dust and debris. Others are half- or full-face respirators with replaceable side cartridges and filters for use on manufacturing or abatement worksites.

PPE head and face gear

Hardhats and face shields are essential components of head and face protection equipment. Hard hats have visor or full-brim designs made of impact-resistant high-density thermoplastic polyethylene. Hardhats come with inner “fit” suspensions, most with bearing points for absorbing shock, and with ratchet-lock points to secure the helmet in place. Most have slots for attaching face shields when working operations that give off flying debris or sparks. Most shields are injection molded for fit, including Schedule B, wide-view visors for protecting both the front and sides of the face.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) that supports

A host of safety supplies come with peripheral accessories. Those for face and head PPE gear include:

  • Work stations with saline eyewash refills.
  • Dispensers for earplugs, safety eyewear lens cleaners, and moist towelettes.
  • Bulk supplies of respirator cannisters and filters.

In addition, PPE gear includes noise-dampening earmuffs, head sweatbands to absorb perspiration, doo-rags to keep hair safe from equipment, hardhat cloth visor and neck shields for UV protection, knit caps for winter wear under hard heats, and welding caps and hoods.

Check out Quill for these accessories that complete the entire line of PPE equipment to protect workers on any job site.

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